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Monday, March 2, 2009

hi hi! i don't really have time to post but i thought i might as well.

so recently i've liked this boy right? and idk if he knows that or not... but i really like being friends with him and just chillin. but you know when you and a person realize that one or the other or both have feelings for the other... (ugh english) ... and then when you realize that, the awkwardness creeps in and you don't know what to do cuz now you're both aware of the other's feelings and don't know where to go from here... i hate that! its so dumb. why can't people just be comfortable with liking one another? derrr! any thoughts? i would like to stay friends if this doesn't go anywhere, but that seems to be very difficult for boys to try as well... hrmph!

Xiah's all the man i need!


Love it! XD


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