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Monday, February 2, 2009

Things have definitely calmed down here on the roomie front. i've learned to not try to hard with them and just let them be for the most part. now everything is much more relaxed and friendly and we don't hate each other any more. what a concept right? lol but recently i've noticed a little bit of fighting between my two roomies, and all i can do is sit back and laugh because now that im not there trying to hard to be their friends and im just living my own life, now they are spending more time together and, you know when you spend sooooo much time with one person that you can't help but fight with them? yeah thats kind of whats happening right now. as for me, im just going to stay uninvolved and just let them figure it out, although it does get a little hairy when they one starts yelling at the other, but, whatever. as long as no one hits anyone im fine with their little squabbles. as for me, im getting kinda sick, boo! im mad. i have this cold medication i could take but i don't really want to rely on it. ill just take hella tissues to my classes! yay im the tissue queen. :P

anywho i need to be finishing my japanese home work! memorizing dialogues and kanji! woot woo!


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