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Friday, January 23, 2009

Ho Hum
So basically when i tried to talk to my roomie the first time she totally blew me off, the second time i told her that i was sorry for what ever i might have said about her, because she had called me out on what i had said. so i acknowledged the fact that i might have said some stuff about her and i apologized for it. So then she says all sacrasticly "yeah im sorry too." but in a really bitchy, im so not, kind of way. >:( grr. so then the next morning,... today, we basically ignored each other and went about our mornings. then i asked her if she wanted to go to breakfast and she said that she was fine so i left her alone. then i finally got up my courage to tell her that i know we both have talked shit about each other and if we both accept that and decide to not do it anymore, then we can both move on and be more adult about the whole situation. that way we can both live together and not feel so much hate and have it be awkward.

the thing that i've really come to terms with is that no matter how much i wanted to be friends with her, our personalities just clashed too much so now i've accepted the fact that we don't have to be friends, just roommates. :)


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