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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

   hey hey hey!
So basically i hate stupid people, like my roommates... and its funny cuz im writing this with them in the room but they'll never know.

ugh, sometimes i just want to yell at them and make them realize that they are just being stupid catty bitches just for the sake of being stupid catty bitches! ugh i hate it! it just feels so fucking high school! i thought that was the whole point of going to college was to grow the fuck up!

its funny because my 2 roomies are really good friends with each other and me and them are just "nice" to each other... ugh so frustrating. honestly if no one responds to this i don't care cuz it feels good to vent. :)
anywho, i have been kind of swamped with homework and new classes, but its been fun.
oh i have a new obsession. my friend showed me the Korean boy band DBSK, also called TVSQ, but in Korea they're DBSK. they are suuuuper cute! kinda girly, and trust me it was hard to get over the girlieness at first but once you do you see how effing cute they are!!! heres one of my fave songs and music videos!


super cute! and then theres this...


which is just to freaking cute to be real. XD
they did this video for a children's charity or something... regardless, its just adorable!

Best wishes and don't get sick! there's the stomach flu going around! be careful! :)


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