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Thursday, October 5, 2006

hi,whats up? me nm. just happy. i can get my permite when i take the test. i got cerfit saying i can get it.*does a happy dance* sorry about that. sephy might be coming to my house on saturday. yes me and her is talking again. which i good because she my best friend and like a sis to me. i think it is good to have friend who care about you nd will stand up for you. they might have a rough today or a good day. friends are good to have so they can cheer us up when we are having a bad day of they just want to make you laugh and cry because you are laughing som much. we tell eath other secrets and tell stories about the past. me sorry sometimes i get to typing i can not stop typing when i get on one subject. ya sephy is might be coming and she will get to watch the fma movie without her sister who loves the human al. i would hate to think want she will do to the screen when he comes on. i have to go. my mom is ready to take me to school. what fun. *does a finger wave*

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