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Thursday, June 17, 2010

   Tomorrow, yesterday and then Saturday
Tomorrow is my birthday party. It's just like any other year really. Get together, hang out in town and then go to the drive-in. But this time we;re going to East Town! :D Also, I will add that I JUST woke from a nap and still can't focus all that well so please don't mind any typos I may not see xD Anyways, back to tomorrow. I'm really excited. I'm going to dressed up as the Red Scout from TF2 c:

The most amazing things happened.
Okay so there's this group called TheSpeedGamers, and they're doing a mario marathon for ACT today: Autism care treatment. And there's this one commentator and an amazing Let's Player, Chuggaaconroy. He was commentating last night and I put a piece of fanart up. He looked at it. Okay that was awesome.
But my true goal was to get him to wish me a happy birthday.
I'd asked about it a few times but hadn't gotten any answers so I thought, "Fff. I need to donate." So after trying EVERYTHING I could to donate and failing, I gave in, posted on twitter that I couldn't get the money out of my paypal and told them to keep up the good work.
The Chugga was like, "Yes! All you need for a shout out is to donate! Unless you are 404correction [my twitter name] Who is having a birthday apparently. This is the only free one I'll do cause she's asked me the past couple of days"
I almost died.
I slept so happy last night. <3

And Saturday, I'm going to MC to do my orintation :D Yey.

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