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Friday, August 18, 2006

Yay! Even though my dad completely busted my other computer, my mom bought a new one, and this ones even cooler than the last.


And also, my photoshop got completely ERASED (u don't know how mad I was about that) but my mom went out and bought me a new one...and the newest version!


Also, High school's not as bad as I thought...it's just the same boring stuff from Middle school with a bit more eccentric ppl...


And I met this new cute guy...I like him lots! He stayed behind during lunch to help me with something, and I thought that was uber sweet.


And then...wait for it...just when I think everything is going right, my bro gets in a car accident.

but he survived.


Anyways, this is my newest wallpaper.

Think I should submit?

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