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Sunday, August 6, 2006

So, everyone knows how my comp was really messed up, right?

Well, my dad decided he would take it upon himself to try to 'fix' it, and now, the computer has completely collapsed upon itself, and is no longer in any condition to be touched, much less used.

Therefore, I am forced to use this shitty labtop, which takes about ten hours just to load one freaken page.

No, I'm not pissed at all!

Lol, but seriously, this labtop's colors are also all messed up, so I won't be making anymore wallpapers any time soon.

In fact, I might not be able to make any more period, b/c I'm afraid I might have lost Photoshop when my real computer fell under the hands of my wanting-to-help father, who screwed it up instead.

And now that he has succesfully crashed our computer, he'll be taking a little buisness trip to Europe for the next..oh...say...six months or so.

So, basically, he practially has a sign hanging on him that says 'Sorry I messed things up, have fun fixing everything while I'm gone!'

Srry, I'm just really pissed. Plus, I'll be forced to do my homework on this piece of junk, since school is starting in two days.

Kk, sorry, I'm complaining way too much, lol, I bet all of you are bored by now, so I'll shut up and stop rambling.

Even thought I hate this computer, I still love you all!


-I really do hope I didn't lose photoshop though. I borrowed it from a friend, so if it's deleted, it'll be difficult getting it back-

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