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Friday, October 12, 2007

   Things we never hear in Gundam Wing
Let's kick ass!
Hmm, that was a hint, right?
Go away, Trowa.
No! I'll do what I want, not what you want!
Truth is, I do rap lyrics... {oh, god}
::in gundam:: WEEEEEEEE!!!!!

Sure, I'll come along.
I need help!
Combat sucks!
Run away! Run away! {oh yes, can't you see him in Monty Python?}
Anything you say Noin!

It was me! I blew it up!
I'm sorry!
I won't do it again!
Uh, Hildy, can i self destruct?

Nice to meet you.
I love Relena.
I hate spandex.
Life is worth living!!

That was funny.
Want to hear a joke?
Do I look like a clown to you?

I give up.
Honestly, {insert rest of sentence}
I'm not planning anything.

I give up.
I won't duel Heero.
You know, Dorothy's kinda hot...
Maybe Epyon was wrong...

I'm talking to myself again...
Forget Heero!
I should slap Heero...
There's something wrong with Dorothy...
Gimme that gun! I'm pissed!
Oh! I get it!
(Jump-roping) One, two, buckle my shoe...

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