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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas Everyone!!
Christmas Glitter Graphics
Merry Christmas Everyone!!

It's been a WHILE since I posted. So, how is everyone? Im hoping everyone got what they wanted fer x-mas or atleast most of it. I know I did! ^-^
I wanted a cell phone, but didn't get that unforunately, but I did get another computer! =] now my brother and I don't have to fight over the one computer xD
I also got a new webcam and mic for the computer too!! So im pretty happy I also got new pjs too! I love it! It has a dog that says "Jingle This!" and its just soo cute! I wanted the penguin one, but my sister got that one but thats alright.

Anyways, Im hoping everyone is having a great time! There is still alota snow here! another white christmas =] We had a green christmas last year, something we usually don't see. My aunt called us today wishing us a merry christmas and she also said she might be coming over to visit! That made me pretty happy and she also said that my beloved cousin, Mindy would be coming too! I haven't seen them possibly in 3 years already so I really miss them! So anyways, how is your christmas been so far?

xox Cotton Candy xox

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