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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Summer Vaction almost over =
Hey everyone!

Wow, i've really haven't post in like forever!
Anyways, so far school is coming near >.<
Im starting a whole new life here!
I'm starting a new school which I've dont know anyone there. Oh geez, I still don't know what subjects im going for the 1st semster.

Im pretty sure i'm going to be lost on the first day of school xD
Ahh, most likely be a loner too on the first day =< ah well, Im bound to make friends later on.

Well, so far my summer has been great, just on tuesday I went to the Super Ex with my friends. The Super Ex btw is an amusement park. Totally loved it! <3

The ride the scared the hell out of me is the boat one where it's like swinging you back and forth! oh god and my friends just had to drag me to the very back. "Where all the fun are" Oh god! my legs were shacking everytime the boat went all the way to the top. Like straight down! oh god! I was so happy to see ground again!! xD

But I still had a great time! =]
Ahh only 11 more dayz until school starts Ahh >.<
well, i'm going to have something to eat now so see ya next time!!

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