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Thursday, June 21, 2007

school yet again...
Hello yet again!

hmm well, i got some kinda harsh ish comments and the single thingy and my daughter long sotry but i'll mkae it short!

Appearntly I have a mother-like figure and my friend acts like a little child.
so we made a family so now I am a single mother and our other friendz also joined into our family
too. So now in our family there are
Me thee mother, Dea the daughter, Ally the other daughter, Fred our dog (choco dog), Jade the aunt and also my sister, Kelsey another anut so another sister and Dan the uncle my brother.

yea anyways I am still in school whihc really sucks! well, tomorrow is my sister's graduation for grade 6 I get to skip school for that Yay!!

today we had a soap box thingy with another school, Lester B. sadly they beat us >.<
hmm, there is really nothing to do right now >.>
anyways how are you guyz??
anything new happened?
how is your summer??

xox Cotton Candy xox

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