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Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Toronto Trip!!!
Hey ya!!
As you can see I've changed my site a bit but anyways! I'm back from my trip to Toronto!!! <3
It was on May 30th I know that was a while ago!
but hey I am posting now! ^-^

Anyways, I had to be there by 7:00 so i got there at like 6:45ish I guess and I saw my friends there! I greeted and said bye to my dad that drove me to school! ^-^

We took so many pictures in the morning and everything we even took a picture of our feet! xD
The bus finally arrived and I put my bags in and everything and grabbed my seat. I sat next to my room mate, Kristen and also Ally and Jade and Nick and Tom where like behind us.
The bus ride was okay I guess it was long though! 5 hours on the bus >.< we mostly talked and all and listened to music and walks movies on the bus.

Finally there we got into our dorms, it really sucked that my room was waaaay at the end of the hallway >.< I didnt want to walk that far away
the food at the university really sucked I got sick and everything and same with some people too x.x Man, how i missed my home cooking it was kinda gross how some of the food was still uncooked and everything >.<
Well, the rest of mt first day I cant remeber xD On to the 2nd day!!

Alrighty then the 2nd day we went to the CN Tower I was walking with Nick and my other friends Jade, Ally, Kristen, Perisah, Amanda and Jacqueline. We finally got to the Tower and omg i was soo tired!! x.x
but I got some vidoes of us and Nick was jumping on the glass floor I also joined him XD it freaked out alot of people they thought that they might fall and die but it can like hold 12 elephants!! After that we went to the look around place it was really beautiful!! totally loved it <3 I would really like to let you guys see some pictures but I have waaay to many! xD
Anyways, we were like 30 mins late for dinner so we took the subway oh and by the way I really like Nick >.< and last time I checked he liked me too but what if he doesnt like me anymore I dont have the guts to ask >.< yea i know i am such a loser. Ha Ha x.x

we finally got back to dinner and all and we had to dress up for this concert. We werent allowed to wear jeans me: X.X!! Nooo!! I love jeans and I really hate wearing skirtz and I didnt have any dress pants so I had to borrow Ally's skirt. I was really happy that it was the long black skirt that I like! Ally you are such a good friend! ^-^ I was wearing a white blouse a black tank top i guess you can say and a bllack skirt and I was wearing a necklace. If you really do want to see the pictures I have it on Facebook if you have that I guess you can add me to it just tell me!! Vivian Cheung is thee name =D

Anyways, we got there and omg Nick looked so cute in his outfit! I totally loved it! it sucks that I didnt get a picture >.< stupid me! anyways me and Nick got to sit next to each other at the concert ^-^ I was really happy oh and it was like a musical/concert and it was Queen totally love them ^-^ it was really good totally love it! ^-^ but after the concert we had to walk again! I swear we spend more time walking then actually going the events which really sucks!! I hate walking now! and I got those bubble blisterz on my toes >.< but I am happy that they are gone now ^-^

We got back to our dorms and i totally crashed into bed oh yea and i havent even told you about the bathrooms! they are all seperate showers but they only have blinds which wasnt so comferting to shower >.< the university there sucked compared to the trip i went last year at Queens university in Kingston it was like your own private washroom and the food there was great and the cafe was alot bigger and everything >.< Yea i know i complain alot xD

Anyways oh wow i totally forgot about the baseball game it was boring but it was short which was really good and everything me and Nick got to waslk around together alone my herat was racing soo fast!! I thought I would have died >.< but i was happy that i was spending so much time with him even my room mate Kristen said i was spending a hell lot of time with him ^^ heheheh...

Anyways, the day we all have been waiting for was the 3rd day!! WONDERLAND!! It's amusement park and I totally loved it!! Every ride i was on Nick was there beside me!! Ahh I totally Love it *sighs*
anways the very first ride we went on was The Fly it's a ride that makes you think you are gonna tip and fall it's really awsome after that ride we went to the The Mighty Canadian Minebuster It's the LARGEST and the LONGEST WOODEN ROLLAR COASTER Kristen and I were suppose to go on it together but she chickened out >.< and the other people ditched me but Nick yea so we went together I didnt know if they were setting me out or anything cuz like I knew they know that I liked Nick. Anyways, Nick and I got into Line and it was almost our turn I told him that I am really scared constantly and he said that he was always scared too! yea we got on and omg it was totally Kick ass!! the only thing bad was the very first hill but after that IT'S GREAT!! Nick adn I went on it twice together!! it was really awsome!! we also went on the Italian Job twice it was really awsome the 1st time I didnt expect it to go to fast! but it was great!! and we got a picture too!! I totally Love that picture! oh and also Nick doesnt like Pictures so I took pictures of him anyways! xD they are some that are cute and some are just Priceless!! the express on him face is soo funneh!! XD

Anyways, we left and was getting ready to get home Nick was sitting right behind me and I was sick at one point he was so worried about my health it was really cute! ^o^ but I didnt want to worry him >.< it really sucks that I have this stupid thing with my eatting sometime when i eat i get sick it really sucks!! >.< anyways, at the very end like very late at night and we were still on the bus Nick was tired so he stuck him head between Kristen and my seat like he usually do and I was also tired we pretty much cuddled together oh my god!! our faces were soo close that we were about to kiss!! I totally blushed and everything when Kristen told me after our trip on saturday she told me that it really looked like we were a cute couple!! and he was soo warm too *sighs* he had him head stuck in between our seats his left arm holding my arm and his right arm on my head... well, hair and at one point I grabbed the wrong hand cuz I was suppose to grab Ally's hand since she came and sat on the floor BUT I GRABBED NICK'S HAND!! and he didnt mind i was like omg who hand is this and Nick answered!! and he was holding mine!! I was like OMG!! >.< Wow I really sound like a little girl xD

Anyways, I am really sorry for such a long post! I dont want to go into more details not if you want to hear it PM me if you want! anyways see ya!!

xox Cotton Candy xox

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