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Friday, May 25, 2007

Hey Guyz!!
Hi guyz!!

I missed you guyz!! ^-^
omg I am soo happy and excited right now!!
why may you ask?!
I know not most people know where that is but it's gonna be kick ass!! only 4 more dayz!!
I am gonna be there for like 3 dayz!! I cant wait!!
I would be going to the CN Tower Niagra Falls for the Maid of Mist on that boat thingy! ^-^
also will be going to the Blue Jays game even though I really hate watching baseball its really boring =<
I am also going to this concert too!! but i have to dress formaly!! >.< I cant wear jeans!!
It sucks!! cuz i dont like wearing skirts and what not!!
omg!! and WONDERLAND!!! w00t~~
I love this place it's like disney land!! it's gonna be soo fun!! I cant wait!!
but omg!! i cant fit all my stuff in only 1 bag!! it sucks!!

Omg!! I am soo excited!! Wow! I say Omg alot!! xD
Anyways, it's really hot today!! I honestly thought I was going to die out there!!
and I had gym today!! it was outside too!! me: X.X!!! RIP!!!
anyways, I am gonng get some ice cream =p
See ya~

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Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Well, if you knew about my tournament we totally lost it!

I lost all my games and my partner was really pissed off! Tyler, my partner doesnt like lossing he really hates it and he gets so pissed off when we do and he gets soo pissed off that when he hits thee birdie it hits the net and we loss a point >.<

Yepp, we didnt win oh well!
anyways, soon I am gonna be going to thee Toronto trip! it's gonna be kick ass!!

It's a 3 day trip and we get to live in Dorms I am gonna be with my BFF Kristen! w00t~ it's gonna be awsome!!
We are gonna be on thee CN Tower and on the Maid of mist at Niagra Falls and Hockey fall of Fame and we are gonna be at a concert and at thee Blue Jay game that might be a bit boring cuz I hate watchin baseball!! it's gonna be soo boring! but what ever! and also for thee concert I have to dress formally >.< aka Dress or skirt!! Fuck! I hate wearing that!

Omg and I totally forgot to mention Wonder land too!! it's gonna rox!! I soo cant wait!! it's like disney land I guess with kick ass rides!! Man! I am gonna Love it!! <3

Anyways, thats all I have to say for today~
but how are you guys? I havent heard heard from you guys so whats sup??

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Monday, May 7, 2007

I'm back!!
Hello my fellow friendz~

I am back!! ^-^
wow it's been like forever!!
I really do disappear and reappear!!
omg I can do magic!! hehehehe!

Anyways! I made it to thee badminton team at school!! w00t~ but i think i totally suck now! cuz i lost my skill of serving!! >.<
and the worst part is thee tournament is tomorrow!!
GAH!! I am like gonna die!! I do hope we get into the finals!! >.<
I hope I am not draggin my team down cuz I suck soo much >.<
man, that would totally suck!!
omg and I had to walk from school today it was horrible an hour and 30 min walk from school to home isnt fun!! and you are carrying a huge ass bag with you too!!

It's DEATH!!! X.X but a purdy ice cap saved me from dying!! w00t~ I <3 you ice cap!! ^-^ lolz
anyways, I better get going now! I need sleep for tomorrow!! See ya later~

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Saturday, April 14, 2007

Well, then I am 14 now!
sorry that i havent been on in a while~
but here i am!! and I am 14 now!

My b-day party was great played DDR and kicked my friendz ass! XD

after that we went to Chapter, for those who dont know what that is it's this really big book store!

I spent soo much money!! anyways, I got my prezzies! and i got 2 gift cards to chapters one was for $20 and another for $25 then i also got another one for a shopping mall it was $20 and then I got a stuffie too!
I really love it! it's a Panda! it's soo cute
I also got a Taking Back Sunday CD ^^ I totally love it!

Anyways, i spent like $65 on bookz! XD yea I know I am pathetic I spent it on manga books
I totally love them though!!
anyways, I am really tired now
I thikn I shall go!
Bye byez See ya!
Love, Peace~

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Wednesday, April 4, 2007

w00t! it's almost my b-day!!
Well, hello there I realy havent posted in like ages have I? XD

Well, here I am at last and in like 2 more dayz it's gonna be my b-day!! w00t!! I cant wait
I am going to be 14!! Yay!! ^^ *happy dance*

Anyways, I am gonna have a b-day party w00t! on thee 7th and it's gonna be awsome I have chipz, pizza and drinks for everyone!! and we might be going to see a movie if there is a good movie! XD
and then we will be shopping!!

Gotta Love shopping!! lolz I can't wait!!
anyways, today we have interviews for are parents and everything so we got off an hour early Yay!!

Omg, in gym there was this guy in my gym class and his name is Josh he is like insane!! we were playing dodge ball and he was like whipping it everywhere! and it was so hard and scary!! >w< me and Dea were like just sitting on the bench cuz we didnt want to play and the ball was just about to hit us it was really scary! Josh should be like band from playing that game!

anyways, I better be getting ready for everything! BIG plans!! See ya later guys!!
Peace Love~

xoxox Cotton Candy xoxox

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Thursday, March 22, 2007

So many things...
Wow, I havent been posting in like forever!!
well, just to like clue you guys in my life there has been A HELL LOT OF STUFF THAT HAVE HAPPENED!!

Well, lets start with yesturday then shall we...

Wednesday, March 21st 2007
March break has been over now and I am glad to see my friends and everything but not school...
wishing for another week off but that not gonna happen is it now! *sighs* Oh well, today is going to be a special day cuz it's the dance I go pay for my tickets and all but it's kinda stupid that we have it at like 1 it shouldnt be like in the afternoon what kind of dance is this!!

Oh well, atleast I am getting out of class and everything w00t!! okies it's lunch and everything so we eat and talk about the dance and stuff then like Tim, Fred, Nick and Tom come along to our table near the end of the lunch like everytime they do so we chat even more.
Ally wanted to ask Tim to be her date for the dance but she never did cuz she chicken out that stupid girl *shakes head in disappointment*
Well, the student coucil told us that we can change and stuff so yea, after lunch we go change in the girls bathroom and O.M.Fing G!!! it was sooo crowed and full and we have like 3 bathrooms on every floor (we only have like 3 floors) and they were all full!! it took forever just to get changed and all but we manged to get change!!

I was like wearing a black sweater with my black t-shirt that has a big heart with cross bones on it and in the heart there was mini skulls and mini hearts which was totally cute and i was wearing baggy black pants and my striped gloves cuz it was in my pocket! XD oh and No! I am NOT EMO!!!

It's soo annoying how everyone says that but I'll tell you about next post!
Anyways!!! yea we get there and it's like dark and they had killer light show and the gym was splited in two parts the dance floor and the DDR place! w00t DDR! yea i totally played DDR HOW CAN I NOT!! I am totally a DDR fan! <3
anyways, yea i played DDR for a few times kicked and pwned Kyle's and Tom's Asses!! HAHAHAHA!!! XD

So, anyways, yea I am like hanging with Ally, Jade, Kelsey, Dea, Tim and Fred and sometimes with David too and yea we talked and sometimes split apart to mini groups and Nick was suppose to be with us but Nooo that chicken went to play cards instead!! God!! I would have played a round of poker with him though!! XD BUT! was too busy with the dance!!

Anyways, now for the bizzare out of nowhere part!! Okies you better listen up now, I go back to the dance floor with Kelsey and Dea and I saw Fred and Tim and so on and we talked like we usually do and Fred was like "Can I talked to yea for a sec Viv?" I look at him oddly but agreed and Kelsey and Dea followed me cuz like they would like to know too! but he said just me so i was like Ehh!?!?
So Kelsey and Dea like stay with Tim and they were like What the hell was going on!!
and I think Tim filled them in when I was dragged by Fred anyways, we were like near a corner I guess so I talked to Fred "Soo... what did you need me for?? Money again??" I give a smile oh and FYI I am like the "bank" to some people like Time and Fred oh and Nick and david at times too and they would ask me for money but they will give it back to me though!!

Anyways, he said no and said i looked pretty and all I said thank you and all but kinda felt weird and I was pretty much looking down at my feet and all and Fred GAVE ME A FREAKEN KISS ON THE LIPS!!

I was like WTF!?! when he kissed me oh yea he lifted my chin up to do it >< but whatever!! anyways! yea he did and I was like 0.0!!!!!
and he just said "Would you like to be my girlfriend?"
Dude!! I was soo shocked and all and I didnt like not like him and all he is my friend and alland he can really make me laugh but like I didnt quiet like him that way and he is kinda senstive too so I didnt want to hurt him soo much and all but I said no anyways... I made him so sad and it made me feel so sad too!!
so I gave him a little sorry hug it was pretty tight hug too and long... but whatever!! I still like him as a friend and all but it did make me really sad and all and I wanted to make him happy so I promised that I would just be his gf for this dance and that is it so we agreed to that!! yea and after the dance he was kinda sad again but not as much.

Anyways, so we walk together in hand in hand and all when we came back to the crowd of people Kelsey and Dea: 0.0 *jaw drops* YOU SAID YES!!! Tim: Yay!! you did it Freddy! me and Fred: ehehehe... ^-^'
but in the end I told Kelsey and Dea and they made a funneh face and yea... that was pretty much it...

I am really guys to make you guys read this long story!! truly sorry but I just had to make this post but me and Fred are like tight again! so everthing is like back to normal I guess!!

well, I'll see ya next time! Peace~

xoxox Cotton Candy xoxox

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Sunday, March 18, 2007

Finally back!
woot! I'm finally back home!! sweet, sweet home!
well, since I am moving soon I havent been going back and forth my old house and new house. The new house has no tv, no computer and no phone! >w< It was horrible!! and i was there for 3 dayz! What the hell did I do you might have say? well, I went to the mall, I ate XD and read some books I bought over, listend to music and i was kinda barely at home at times but it still seem like hell!! I am soo happy I am back at the old house *hugs her computer, her bed, her phone and everyone out there!* XD
I slept on the sofa it was cozzy but i still like my bed better! and the temp thingy how i can change it and everything i tried soo many fricken times and it didnt work so i was like frezzing! but in the end i finally got it right and like a 20 mins later it stops working i was like!! ugh!! *takes knife and about to stab the temp thingy* but then i figured it out! and thats when i had to go back to my old house so i was like ...-.- ugh!!

Anyways, at the mall I was quiet happy, I bought like 4 new manga books! *hugs them* I love them very very much i got like Platinum Garden, Kamichama Karin, Pearl Pink and Crimson Heros they are all very good books! I say you should buy them!! PM me if you would like to know what it's about on any of thee books!!
*hugs books again and looks at book shelf* Oh dear it's getting full... I need a new book shelf!!

Well, anyways, I better go going now! See ya soon! Peace, Love!

xoxox Cotton Candy xoxox

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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

ugh doctors...
Well, tiday I went to the doctors to check up and mum is was worried about me and my health since I dont eat much and the non breathing and everythingappearnlty I dont eat healthy that much I barely eat doc!! -.- everything just taste like dust to me and when I do eat I just dont feel like eating yea well, I need to have a blood test now ugh! I am gonna freak!! I hate needles I am scared of needles a long time ago i went to get like a injection shot and I was so scared that was was kicking and everything and my parents had to hold me down and i was still kicking and i kicked the doc and i made her inject it in her and not me but i got the injection anyways >w< I was crying too ugh I hate needles and last year I had to take my Hep B shootI was soo scared I swear I was going to kick the nurse but lucky i didnt! and i kick with only small things this is a blood test I am gonna die!! ugh! I need ideas and ways to make me calm down!! please I relly need ideas!! oh and i wear glasses and I did the eye check too and appearntly my right eye is like getting worse and worse and my left eye is like the only thing thats helping me see now i need new glasses.

Wow, this is getting pretty long I do hope you guys dont mind! and other the check up i went shopping i got 2 new manga books ^^ Yay! and I saw Keley and her mum shopping too gave her a little hug and all anyways! I wanted to buy more clothes but I didnt bring enough money! ugh I wanted that sweater soo bad it looked soo purdy it was a black sweater with a white, pink and blueish butterfly, it was soo purdy!!
and there was this t-shirt that said I dont give a hoot and it had an owl on it it was soo cute!! and there was this Panda one that was holding some candy and it said gimme some sugar omfg it was soo cute!!

Well, my march break is almost over T6T *cries* oh well, i get to see my friendz again! well, thats all for today Peace, Love ya~

xoxox Cotton Candy xoxox

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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Omg I'm so bored!
Omg i'm bored as hell here!! there is nothing to do!! I like march break very very much but I have nothing to do!! grrr.... the only thing about march break is having nothing to do!!
anyways, how are you guyz?? I am sorta oki I guess! Omg I just realize it's almost my b-day!! XD Ha! In like April! ugh I wanna go shopping but there is like no one I can take with me! Kaite is like with her family watchinig a movie then going to a musmeum and Kristen is in New York City that lucky little bum and Yolina is... I donno where she is! and Ally cant come grrrr... Kelsey is at her cuzins and so on!!

Well, anyways I've change the song! another Evanescence song called Lithium it's a really gewd song I hope you guys like it!!

Now for questions!!
1. Do you like the song Lithium?
2. How are ya?
3. Do you know the movie music and lyrics?
4. If you do, do you like it? and if not do you know whats it about??
5. When is your b-day? (if it's today then Happy b-day!! ^^)
6. if it was your b-day how old would you be?
7. are you annoyed by the questions??
8. if the world was black and white and you had the power to bring only one color what would that be? and why?

Alrighty then, that was long but here are my answers!

Cotton Candy's Answers
1. Hell ya!
2. Good I guess
3. Yesh, I do but never watched it
4. Never watched it but I want to
5. April 6
6. 14
7. lolz maybe...
8. Blue, cuz I like the color blue it's soo purdy!! and my fave colors are black and blue!!

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Sunday, March 11, 2007

Daylight saving everyone!!
Now there is like 1 less hour to sleep!! NOOOO!!! >w< *whines* I want more sleep!!
but anyways, I am bored as ever!! Gah! there is nothing to do but I am quiet happy that we finally got Gundam seed Destiny here Yay!! totally love that series!!
Oh and if you read like last post i was talking about my friendz b-day party! and I got to pie the b-day girl it was soo fun! and me and Kristen were like jumping and doing our little air guitars it was soo funneh!! we also watched Cinderella 3 it was very good actually! not really that twisted but it was different!! and very good!! hmmm what else did we do... Oh yesh we also watched Charlie the unicorn!! it's totally funneh!! Poor charlie though!! and if you guyz have never watched it before I say go to youtube and watch it!!
anyways, my friend Katie took some pics and i would like to show you!!
there was like 39 picz i think! alot, I know! so i guess here is a little slide show!! ^^ me is the one that is Asian wearing all blackand glasses!! and the b-day girl is Kristy the freakishly tall person wearing a white shirt and Yolina with the brown curly hair and orange shirt i think and Katie is the one with glasses with black and red and Jacqueline is the short asian in black and white!! oh yea and do you think I should get Laser eye Surgery?? cuz I really dont like wearing my glasses and contacts mum think they will make me blind so the next thing is surgery do you think I should?? ANYWAYS, here it is!!

And here isn another one

Well, enjoy!!

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