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Saturday, September 17, 2005

   Naruto Ep 3
Soooo, it was pretty good like the first two (Except in the first two Naruto Ep I noticed that the only thing edited was the blood in the noses bleeds.), but Ep three is the one where Naruto and Sasuke have the infamous "SMOOCH" scene... STUPID VIZ edited out the kiss, no offense but if they can show a half naked girl and use the term "Sexy Jutsu" on a "children's show" then that kiss has a rightful place too... Well I guess that is all the complaining I have to do right now... Oh yeah don't forget I strongly DISLIKE Viz, the only thing I buy from them are my Shonen Jump and Shojo Beat magazines, both which they cannot get right (I got my Shonen Jump a week late last issue [I have been a subscriber for three years] and as for the Shojo Beat it took two phone calls and I still recieved it 3 weeks late I wonder when my next issue will come [It officially comes out Tuesday.]) so Viz needs to get their crap together... Well sorry for all the complaining, bye!
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