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Monday, April 11, 2005

   A Poem By Me!!
Here is a poem I wrote, it's for the project I've reffered to. I thought I would post it and see if anyone liked it. If you like it please comment, and I'll post more of my poems... (Other poems include topics about Anime/Manga, Harajuku, and other random things... Well here is my poem and if you like it please comment!

* A Failed Attempt to Write a
Love Poem *

A faint look back and then I know ó
Love is blind and does show,
Difference between gender & race,
Or any part of your beautiful face.

I think about you all the time,
And even though some think itís wrong,
Itís really not a crime.

Loving you canít be a sin,
Because you love from deep within.
I donít see whatís so wrong,
When you love someone forever, on & onÖ

PS - I just love the title, I kinda got it from a line from Straylight Run, "... a failed attempt to capsulize a feeling..." Well I hope you enjoy!!

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