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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

   RAWR! I'm a monster!
Yeah... So how is everyone... It's been a while since my last post... Sorry...

Well, let's see, I am nine episodes away from finishing Gundam Wing. A couple of friends of mine told me that I could not call myself an Otaku if I had never seen this series, so I promised them that I would watch it. So far it is so-so... I mean the first half was pretty tame and not much happened... The second half is much better, but not that much better... The extra action in the second half makes it more bareable.

After I finish Gundam Wing, I plan on watching Baccano and/or Lucky Star and/or Azumanga Daioh! I recently finished the AD! manga again and I absolutely love that series. I have also started reading the Lucky Star manga and it reminds me of a more nerdy AD! which is a good thing!

Anyone watching anything good? I always take recommendations!

Let's see, what else... The World Ends With You is an awesome game! I plan on reviewing it soon. And I may review Okami for the Wii as well. If I get really creative I may make some "top ten lists" if you know what I mean!

In other interesting bits, I have realized that I would really like a gay guy friend to hang out with... I don't want a boyfriend, just someone that I can relate to... Ya know??

Well I hope that everyone is having fun and such. And remember, have a good night and a happy tomorrow (<- I borrowed that from when Tina Fey did Weekend Update on SNL). Tata!

Oh yeah, nearly forgot... A friend introduced me to this song... I like it a lot! It's fun and fresh! It makes me want to kiss a girl! Haha! If you click on the vid you can download it. If all of Katy Perry's other songs are this good, I may decide to buy her album! It comes out mid-June!

Thanks for stopping by!

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