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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

The Awesome VSFS and the Odd News Story that Followed...
Last night following the AWESOME Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, a local news channel presented a story related to manga. You can find the article here: News Story. While I understand that the mother's concern was valid, there were many factors that the story left out. In response I posted the following comment (which I am placing here because I believe my original post on the channel's website will most likely get deleted).

While I truly understand the woman's (and other parents') concern, there are many factors that were overlooked and left out of this particular news story. First off, the correct pronunciation of manga is mahn-ga, with a soft A. Next, manga are produced for a wide variety of audiences including children, teens, and adults. The book in question has a teen rating placed right on the back. Another point to be made is that the manga section is not included as being a part of the children's section in that particular store, it is actually located behind it. I frequent that store and make purchases there quite often and even I, one unconcerned with that particular issue, noticed the seperation. Also I believe it is important to note that the manga section is located beside the adult comic book section and also across from the section of adult magazine's including Playboy and Hustler. Seeing as views differ from person to person, I have read the book in question and actually found no "almost pornographic scenes," and the most nudity that I noticed were some pictures of men naked from the waist up. The "Nightly Lover" that the back of the book mentions is basically an anthropomorphic mail-order robot. Finally I find it ironic that this Books-A-Million was found for having this book improperly placed because they actually have a seperate section for the more adult oriented manga which is located within the romance section. Thus while it is an important topic, there are many other factors that were either unmentioned or left out and I believe that parents need to be aware of all of the details.

Tell me your opinions on the issue!! I know I am biased to some extent, I tried to be fair in my rebutting of their issue. Well tis all, tata!

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