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Thursday, February 14, 2008

   Dedicated to Jessica*
*One of our freinds on okata has something to say*

"Dedicated to *Jessica*
In my first period class(spanish 2)
one of the other teachers walked in, he was holding
a peice of paper, he interuppted our class saying
it was VERY important, IT WAS, the paper read;
Dear students of R.H.S. yesterday one of our fellow
tigers was out horseback riding, im sorry to say that she
had an accident, and she had Died the previous day. Her
name is Jessica F. and in memory of her we are holding
a ceromony at lunch in room 503. no matter how much i
wanted to go, i couldnt! you see i had met Jessica last year,
even though i didnt like WHO she hung out with, she was
alway a kind and cheerie person, and if you read this please
think of Jessica, even if you dont know her, she was a great
daughter, student, and friend!"

Thinking of her peer i said

"well Jessica...
you touched alot of lives in your life... and now...
even tho i dont know you I still want to cry...
You were a good dauter, freind,
and peer to the ones you knew...
now we say goodbye"

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