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Welcome to my quiz results page. This section features the results from every quiz I've ever taken. 10 quiz results are listed per page, in reverse chronological order.

Result Posted on 12/27/05:
MEEEEE!!!! @_@

You as an anime girl (with pics) by ayane isozaki
Date of Birth
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Result Posted on 12/27/05:
finally....dark blue...^_^

Your eye color is dark blue. You rely on your logic
solely, and may have more mature interests than
many of your friends and family your age. You
can sometimes also be interverted and lonely
from a lack of understanding with people, and
can be rather frustrated with some types of
folke. Some may describe you as cold and
distant, and you are honest with how you feel
about things.

What Color Eyes Should You Have? ( With Anime Pictures ^-^ )
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Result Posted on 12/27/05:
yes that's right

People see sadness in your eyes. You seem to be
hurt deeply. You may be unhappy because you are
alone or feel like no one cares about you. Or
it may be because something very awful has
happened to you. Whatever the cause, you go
through each day just waiting for night to come
with sweet relief in the form of your dreams.
But you may have even lost hope in your dreams.
Chin up. Things should get better for you and
there is always at least one person who cares
about you. Have hope.(Image copyrighted to

What can people see in your eyes?(great ANIME pics)((IMPROVED!!!))
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Result Posted on 12/27/05:

are you a beautiful anime girl (girls only) by ayane isozaki
Favorite color
Date of birth
Are you beautifulyes
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Result Posted on 12/27/05:

Green uniform
You would wear a green uniform! You are calm and
laid back! You really love nature and takes
care of it! You are great at comforting a
friend when there in a bad situation or mood!

What color school uniform would you wear? anime pics
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Result Posted on 12/27/05:
red is one of my fav. colors...^_^

Result Posted on 12/27/05:

Midnight is the time of day (or night, more or
less) that best represents you. You have
little patience for idiots and probably would
like nothing more than for people to just leave
you alone sometimes. People often see you as
being a very dark and cold person, and you
probably have some inner anger or resentment
towards those who have hurt you in the past.
You are almost always open to unusual ideas and
you like expressing yourself through writing
and/or drawing.

What Time of Day Best Represents your Personality? (anime pics!)
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Result Posted on 12/27/05:

RUN!!! You escape! Good way to get out of troubles.
You are able to measure a situation and react
accordingly, so if you see that there is no
chance to prevent troubles, go as soon as you

How do you react when you are afraid? ( ...with pics... )
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Result Posted on 12/22/05:

The Spirit that lives inside of you is the spirit
of heartbreak. You always seem to have tears in
your eyes. You were so hurt by your last
relationship. Found: In your room reading, writing, or drawing.
You need to get your mind off your ex. Color that best represents you: Blue Song that best describes you: Broken- Seether and
Amy Lee Power: Healing (You want to make sure that no one
else feels like you have to)

What spirit lives inside you.. (14 possible results!)
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Result Posted on 12/22/05:
i like that...^_^

Your Japanese name should be


which means

You can be compared with
autumn, the way the autumn weather changes, is
how your feelings change. You have these mood
swings you can't control; one moment you're
happy, the next you're feeling almost
depressed. You're probably sensitive and

Which Japanese name fits you best? [females, 9 results + absolutely stunning ANIME pictures!]
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