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Friday, January 13, 2006

Hey, bout to go 2 my dads.. what fun.. yeah.. so.. Today was sort of a good day.. The only bad part was that I started itching real bad and then I went to the nurse she wasn't sure but she thought it could be the shingles.. but she also said that I need to go to the doctor as soon as possible to get it checked out. Oh goody, more fun! Probably going to go this weekend. She gave me a benedryl and I practically slept through all my classes.. other than that may day was pretty good, well g2g l8r!
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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Yes.. I'm not grounded!! See, I thought I was yesterday because I already knew one of my grades. My mom was like if you make anything below a C your grounded. But this time we had 2 grades for each class. Our six weeks grade and our semester grade. Our semester grade is what counts towards if we pass or fail. So one of my six week grades was a F and the semster grade was a C.. so I'm really happy I don't get grounded!!! Cause if I was then there would be no computer, no t.v., no radio, no anything just sitting there studying and that is not fun, trust me!! LOL!! Still drawing in gym today we drew 4 things that represented us. Some people got to stand up in front of the class and tell about theirs but I have to be the 2nd one to do it tomorrow. Oh yeah, in Language were doing a lesson on gods and goddesses and we took a personality quiz to found out which god/goddess we are and we have to do a report on them and I'm Sybil.. I found out shes the goddess of unfinished dreams and heres some info I've copied and pasted.. Pausanias claimed that the Sybil was "born between man and goddess, daughter of sea monsters and an immortal nymph". Others said she was sister or daughter to Apollo. Still others claimed the Sybil received her powers from Gaia originally, who passed the oracle to Thetis, who passed it to Phoebe.
I'm still researching so I'll let you go l8r!!

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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Hey everybody I'm going to be grounded starting tomorrow and it's going to be a whole week because I already know one of my grades on my report card so see you all in a week.. have fun I won't I'm grounded from the phone, computer, t.v., radio, everything thats entertaining so I have to sit in my room and study, what joy..
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Hey people!! I'm having such a great day today!! If you didn't see my song look on yesterdays post. Todays gym lesson was drawing things. He gave us a sheet and we drew 2 things on it but there were like 3 or 4 sheets. I learned some new French stuff today.
1. Ect-ce que tu veux telephoner? (Do you want to talk on the phone?)
2. Je regrette, mais Je dois etudier (I'm sorry, but I have to study)

Yeah.. learn something new everyday, huh?! Oh great, we get report cards tomorrow... *sarcastically* I'm so thrilled to see my grades!! :( yeah.. a BIG thrill alright!! So whats everybody been up to?

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Monday, January 9, 2006

my new song!!
Hey everybody!! It's been a great day! Well.. in gym we drew banners and letters, WOW your thinking it's really weird! Well I've got good news! I finished my song so here it is!!

Not going to let them
By: ME!(DUH!!)

Verse 1:

Check my temperature I think it's a little high preps say they rule the skool and I don't know why cause when I mess up I just keep on trying Got my guitar and I'm not turning back yeah you just got your hair done but all you do is talk smack I've got friends that stay by my side but when everyone leaves you your gonna start cryin You may have the popularity but on your report card all I see are f's and D's and just wanted you to know this


I'm not gonna let them push me around or let them shuve it in my face so go ahead go get your nails done but remember I'll always win the race it may take me a year or two so I can get a scholarship to be a prep like you But everyday you don't hear the things said behind your back oh no..

Verse 2:

Go ahead say what you want to were not tryin to be like you we have our independency and all you have is your stuck up possy We have skateboards in our hands but guess your to scared you'll break a nail go ahead now I'll go ask a fortune teller oh wait, she thinks it's gonna get better (*background* oh wait not for you) Turn your clock back or whatever it's just going to be cloudy weather


I'm not gonna let them push me around or let them shuve it in my face so go ahead go get your nails done but remember I'll always win the race it may take me a year or two so I can get a scholarship to be a prep like you But everyday you don't hear the things said behind your back oh no..

Like it?? Alwayz welcome for compliments!! lol! :) Have an awesome day!!

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Saturday, January 7, 2006

   whoo-hoo!! (lol)
Happy Saturday! Wait.. that's not a holiday, well now it is! lol! Like the new style of my site? I was kinda tierd of blue and black so now it's pink and black you already know that though. I'm having such a great day although I've been kinda lazy today! I woke up at 1:00 p.m. and just have been on the computer and watchin t.v. I'm finishing up my new song so be on the watchout for it! Well hope everyone has a great day! l8r! :)
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Friday, January 6, 2006

Today was a little better than yesterday.. Today in gym we drew Stick people, Bubble people, and Star people. He said the reason were doing this was so when he gave us a project we'd put more effort in it than taking like 5 minutes doing it. So.. at least he explained the whole "drawing thing" So whats been up with everybody?
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Thursday, January 5, 2006

Not a good day
It was a long.. day today! First of all I take gym this semester. The teacher is wacko and he spits when he talks guess who sits in front of him.. ME! Okay get this we draw faces in class and he shows us that when we draw put detail but not to much.. excuse me but I don't think that drawing faces is going to help me any. Then I had 2 change lunches! I was fine where I was at! Now I have no one to talk to at lunch! Thats great huh?? No, it's not! Sorry for sounding a brat, but today was not a good day! Oh yeah one of my friends that are in most of my classes or should I say was dropped down to get easier classes. So, I guess this means I'm going to have to find other people to hang out with or not.. cause people in my skool are mostly *coughs* preps! So Andrew, I feel like you felt yesterday! Probably way worse! Again, I'm sorry for acting this way but.. it's my nature when I feel this ummm.. mad?! :{ Well, I hope everyone else had a better day than me!!
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Wednesday, January 4, 2006

Hey! I found this cool blog thing so I thought I should try it out.. but it didn't work. Well, today is my last day of Winter vacation, sadly we have to go back to skool 2morrow! No more sleeping till 11:30 and spending the whole day on the computer.. so sad. I guess the good thing about it is that I'll get to hang out with my friends I guess thats the only good part about skool. Good News though only about 5 months of skool left! Yes.. then here comes sweet summer! LoL! Hope you all have a great day! L8R!

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Tuesday, January 3, 2006

i'm bored.. so heres more questions
What If..

1. I was a police officer and I arrested you? (these r really stupid!)
2. I was a clown would u still love me?
3. you lived in a multi-million dollar mansion?
4. George Bush lived beside you?
5. every thing you wished for came true?
6. you had 89 ducks?
7. everything you ate tasted like ice cream?
8. u had 1 wish what would it be?
9. there was a billion dollars in your closet?
10. you were a famous rock star?

Sorry these r REAALLLLYYYY stupid but I've been EXTREMELY bored 2day and u never know what happens when I'm bored.

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