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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Yes, I know the last update was ages ago, but here I am! ^^

Thanks to kirbysdouble for the wonderful recipe!

"A closely guarded bit of knowledge in my family (my mother and I created it >.> so far as I know)"

ABC "noodles"
(potatoes or rice can be just as good, if not better)

Serving sizes change depending on how many you plan to serve for. I don't really do serving sizes, because we never measure anything when we're cooking ^^ (that always makes for the best tasting stuff).

-Vegetable Oil
-Minced garlic (or garlic paste)
-Parmesan Cheese (the powdered kind)
-Collinder (only for noodles)

Ok, I'll give 3 seperate variations for the 3 different main ingredients.


1. Boil noodles as one normally would (about 10-12 minutes for 3 servings). Make sure to put some vegetable oil in the noodle water to make it boil faster.

2. Strain noodles, and prepare the pot used to boil the noodles with vegetable oil (or butter, if you prefer a less healthy route)

3. Toss the noodles back into the pot, and mix with the garlic substance.

4. When properly infused with garlic (IE: the entire house smells like it [mmmmmmmmm]), turn off the heat on the stove and toss in a good amount of parmesan.

5. Add more oil if it looks like the parmesan is sticking to the pot.

6. Once the parmesan starts to solidify, and the noodles aren't easy to stir anymore, you've got yourself ABC noodles.

That easy. I may be missing a step or two... but it probably wasn't important.

Potato version!

1. Dice potatoes into little cubes (it's important to have them no larger than 1 cm cubed [wish superscript would work])

2. Put the cubes into a buttered skillet on medium.

2b. Optional step, could add ground beef or ham cubes right here, to have the protien and make it a meal in itself.

3. Stir potatoes until they are just starting to turn brown.

4. NOW, put the garlic whatever and vegetable oil.

5. when cubes actually begin turning a nice golden brown (adding the oil and garlic will slow it down), add the parmesan and stir until it all starts sticking together.


Rice, same as noodles, substitue wok for pot, and rice should be pre-cooked in a rice cooker. Sweet rice for stickyness, white rice for tradition, brown rice for health -.-

It's not the healthiest of foods, but I swear it's the tastiest.

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