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Thursday, August 9, 2007

The tasty recipe of the day is from xxlunarXeclipsexx!

Barbaque Pork-Chops & Rice


- 2-4 pork chops
- 1-3 cups of Miniute rice
- Barbeque Sauce
- 1-3 cups of water

A lot of this Recipe can be changed around to fit tastes and size of course!

1. Cook the pork chops in a pan that has been sprayed or coated in oil so they don't stick.

2. After they're done take them out and set them on a plate or something where they're out of the way.

3. Measure out how much rice you want and and for each cup of rice, you put a cup of water and a 1/2 cup of barbecue sauce.

4. Mix the barbecue sauce and water together and put it in the pan or skillet you're using. Boil it and then add the rice.

5. Put the pork chops back in and cover the pan to let the rice cook. When the rice is done it's ready! This is when you decide if it needs more of a barbeque flavor or it needs a little less.


Enjoy this good meal! ¢

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