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Thursday, November 25, 2004

   please talk to me!
i am so bored out because no one is talking to me! please talk to me alot!! (>x<) i'll be really thankful to whoever does that!(^-^)also look at my fan art cuz i want to see your opinions!! on the FMA one, it is meant to be weird coloring.(sticking out)and also, please comment on it! thanks!! Now i'm going to talk about my otaku life. and DON'T steal my fanart. DON'T steal my friend kukuretai's pics. she's preatty popular.people who do that must DIE!any way, the anime is great. me and my two sister's room is full of anime wallscrolls and posters. (except my brother he's not interested)anime is so so so cool~~!

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