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Friday, July 25, 2008

Yumi say bye-bye?
Time: 10:06
Song: Kyu Jong- It's Raining
Mood: neutral
Currently: drooling over how hot my new boyfriend(LOL)is

Why, hello everyone.
How are you all doing?
Summer been good?
I hope so.

..Well, my friend Yumi... some of you know her as yumi08uchiha, she er... left myO.

So I guess I really am the last of my friends standing. Or at least, trying to make an effort to remind you guys I'm still alive, while I'm POSITIVE most of you deleted me, and I'm probably talking to no one, so...

I don't think I'll ever leave myO... anytime soon anyway, because I don't have the heart to say good-bye, I hate saying good-bye :(.

Not much to report here, except I've gotten way into funky sunglasses and that I went to Florida.

Just saying this straight up:

I never want to go back to Florida.

It's too hot for me there, I almost passed out in Disney World lol. Not because I saw Micky Mouse's face,but because it was my personal hell on Earth ^^.

Well enjoy your summer, and don't die from the heat!

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