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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Cocomo's in love?
Time: 9:03 AM
Mood: Tired
Song: Battle- Luv U
Currently: fighting to not close eyes

Hi everyone!
You know what sucks so much?

I found out that I've fallen in love on the last day of school! :D
...I don't think I'll see him until next year, even though he's my friend... that's what makes me sad...

I have noo idea if I should confess to him or not. I miss everyone, but I think I miss him the most...

Damn me for only figuring this out on the last day of school! DAMN MEEEEE.

I cosplayed on the last day of school :D. I cosplayed as Suzumiya Haruhi~ and Hikari(finaLight) cosplayed as Haruhi Fujioka. It was quite fun, and I didn't care about all the stares I was getting. Screw them ^^. I looked like a real schoolgirl LOL.

I LOVED my outfit, but there were some downs. *Cough* It was kinda windy, so my skirt flew up sometimes, but I was wearing short shorts. The guy that I liked saw it and claimed I had yellow underwear and I had to explain that it's shorts, my actual underwear was ___(you guys don't have to know). And I gave him a piggy-back, and Kobe and Quincy said he pulled up my skirt and apparently, peeked.


BUT.. I don't like him because he pulled up my skirt and peeked(Woah..).

It just happens, ok? lol~

So how are you guys doing?
How's your summer so far?

Mine sucks >.<

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