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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Time: 7:49 AM
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Song: Battle- Step by Step
Currently: half asleep

Well, I guess I'm about to rant, because I just noticed this and I'm so.... urgghhh about it.

I've just noticed.... I get bullied a whole lot. People like to push me, punch me, poke me(especially poke me), pull my hair, kick me, slap me. Well, on Wednesday it was Torture Kayla Day(Kayla's my real name XD), and even my best friend joined in on it... it's so fucking annoying I swear.

Do any of you like to be sat on until you can't breathe?

I swear, I'm going to do something about the next fucking time Kenji or Kenja whatever the fuck he wants to call himself pokes me. Sure, I spaz when people poke me, but it hurts too, you know...

and I ask them why they do this to me, and they say, "Because it's funny when you spaz." Oh, yeah? Is it? Well, I don't care. Leave me the hell alone and go bother someone else.

It's so damn annoying.
They poke me everywhere we go.

We went on a field trip yesterday and they were bothering me on the bus.
They bothered me in the restaurant we went to.
They beat the shit out of me in the park we went to after.
And I still got bothered after that.

I don't want to tell the principal because these people are my friends... and they're probably joking around but it's seriously starting to PISS. ME. OFF.

*puts head in pillow and screams*

Well, school's almost over ^^.
I'm probably getting new glasses, I'm eyeing those nice ones with the black frames. Hehehehe.

I'm sorry for the ranting, everyone -_-'

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