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Monday, May 12, 2008

Mondays T_T
Time: 5:49 PM
Mood: Annoyed/Depressed/Angry
Song: Son Dambi- Bad Boy
Currently: reading manga

Well, today was Monday and it was a total piss-off. I don't think I've ever had a worse Monday than today...

I have to write an apology note to some fag of a teacher who was spazzing on Friday because we were talking during Art Class. Other names were put up on the board.

We had Exam Prep too, and it was so... *cough*.

And Kenja(surprise!) was being annoying, as usual. I just want to... I don't know... punch his lights out. To think I liked him? *embarrassed*

Life hasn't been very eventful. I do, however, have a bruise on my tummy, from Nari poking me repeatedly *glare*.

Exams are coming up soon for us...
I'm scared...
O.O No terrified.

After they're done I can relax and go back to procrastinating ^^.

The weather has been dreary and ugly.
I like dancing in the rain, but it hasn't been raining.

It's been cloudy. And I HATE when it's cloudy.
*shakes fist at sky* SCREW YOU!


*remembers comments* Thanks for the seven comments! I'm VERY surprised none of you really deleted me... I was pretty sure I was deserted now... *shocked*.

TT_TT Why am I watching Zoey 101 again?
*changes channel*

Okay then. I should finish my homework ^_^'

See you all!

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