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Eh just for my song thingie in my story world (ignore plz kay thnx <3)

Monday, June 23, 2008

   Grah! I'm just unlucky :(... lol!
Thanks manami for telling me that! ^^
i know how to do it now... it's just now when i try, they all say it's been removed when they have'nt *sigh*

This WAS what i was trying to get up... i cba to change the background again so i'll leave it like that for now XD
I'll try again tomorrow... But thanks again manami ^^


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How do i do all the fancy background stuff?
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   IQ test lol! 122... does it show up? lol! XD
IQ Test
Free-IQTest.net - IQ Test

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   Talk to me so i can add ya! ^^
Simply as the title says ^^
Comment this, and i'll add ya as a friend so i can check out your stuff! :D

XxX Chaz XxX

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