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Sunday, January 6, 2008

im back and i have newS!!!

Hey everyone!!!! didn't want to change the awesome picture of Allen ^-^ well when i said I wasn't going to come on myotaku well I made my lil sis Koneako sad and I was kinda sad to so I decided that I would try to get on as much as I can ^-^ and now I have a freetime!!! ^____^ so here are my new news!!!!!

my job has been fun latley XD and last night I was cleaning the pizza covers and was about to put them away and my finger got caught in the pizza covers and it got my finger XD I didn't think it was that deep so I took of to go answer the phone and I did until I saw my finger and all this blood was comming out lol so I told someone to take the call and went back to clean it up lol man did blood keep comming out and I realized It was cut deep, but it was funny for me XD

I wanna play a video game right now but im trying so hard to finish my homework XD im semi almost done lol oh and last night one of my friends was trying to figure out who I liked so he wanted to play the guessing game and man that was funny and fun XD then he figured it out >.< then we started talking and I found out he liked me....and so I started thinking after I gave him my answer, well I really do like the person I have a crush on but not to sure if he would go out with me lol being in love is so hard!!! then I told him lets be friends for now lol but you know what receintly peoples are starting to like me and im kinda get freaked out too @.@ anyway thats all hope to comment on you guys ^__^



Question of the day: Do you like throwing sparklers?!?!?!??! (the fireworks)

Answer: I love to ^-^ its so much fun cause it acutally goes really far XD

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