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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

   HEY EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!
SO SORRY FOR NOT POSTING ANYTHING!!!!! hope any of you guys didn't delete me or forgot about me ;.;

well school has been soo freakin busy -.-' so much homework this year and I hate chemistry!!! its evil!! well our teacher sucks at teaching it lol ummmm JROTC is doing good ^-^ my company is doing AWESOME!!!! I love them all!!! GO DELTA!!(yea if you haven't known I am the captain of that company) and they did so good on their evaluation ^-^ better than what I thought!! YES!! anyway

im in english waiting for school to end and im tired of writing about what I want to be >.> and I have to write an essay and its evil!!! cause I can't write essays....well im bored so thats why im here!!!!!

this weekend I might go to oklahoma and get my brother ^-^ YES!! he's finally comming home anyway my hands hurt from typing since I haven't done it for awhile....im OUT!!! bye bye!!!


RaNdOm WoRd: HORSES!!!

Question of the day:What class do you hate? or did hate?

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