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Friday, August 31, 2007

Hey everyone ^-^ today is the anime banzai!! yay but I have to get out of school XD one of my friends skipped school an went there it was kinda funny cause I never thought she would do that, anyway last night I stayed up till 11:30pm trying to get my yoruichi jacket done!!! and today all I need to do is put the white parts on it ^-^ then im ready to go!!! I can't wait!! ^_____^ but what sucks is that I have a color guard for our school assembly -.-' so I have to go to the con late >.< which sucks lol but good thing today is a short day ^-^ well gotta go bell is about to ring!! YAY!!!! until I post again!!!!!!

rAnDoM wOrD: SOUP!!!!!

question of the day:none to busy XD

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