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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

   im back at school >.>

Hello everyone!! again sorry for not really visiting sites like I usually say I would but since school started again its gonna be hard to visit sites XD since im in JROTC well anyway I found out im gonna be the captain for the rifle team ^-^ cause my friend Jamie is moving ;.; its soooo sad!!!! but I'll do her job right!!! anyway first day of JROTC was fun ^-^ even though most of the cadets weren't there lol
Tomarrow(today) is my third day of school and thank goodness!!! cause I got tired of all the disclosure stuff -.-; I hate how they have to read the whole thing....when they did that I wanted to go to bed XD

Had another color guard today and that went well ^-^ it was pretty windy though lol kinda hard to keep the flags from moving XP our next one is next week --' man am I gonna be busy for all these color guards since im XO XD

ANIME BANZAI (anime con.) IS IN TWO DAYS NOW!!!YAY!!! I can't wait ^-^ but you know what o_o I haven't even finished my yoruichi jacket XD I got to lazy to finish it lol but I'll do it tomarrow....if I don't feel like play legend of zelda:Majora's Mask XD well thats all im gonna chat about ^-^ oh and tomarrow is A day ^-^ I love my A day classes!!! until I post again!!!

rAnDoM wOrD:TANKS!!!!

Question of the day:Do you like to do oragami?!?
Answer:YES!! its fun ^-^ until you get mad at it XD

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