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Thursday, August 23, 2007

   My New Theme!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Hey everyone ^___^ I hope you like my new theme!! cause its D GRAY MAN!!! I love that show ^-^ I have been watching it non stop XD its great anyway I decided to make it D Gray Man cause I needed a new theme ^-^

Friday I have another color guard ^-^ im actually get all happy about them too XD oh and this monday I go back to school ;.; oh well JROTC will be fun ^-^ cause im a CAPTAIN!! HAHAHAHAHAA!!!!

Yesterday my friend Rinni and her sis an cousin and me went to some costume store and she got a wig for her cosplay outfit ^-^ lol then we went to the anime club and had fun there, we watched the last episodes of HunterxHunter(that sucks cause I didn't know they were watching it and now I seen the ending ;.;) and some weird data like show XD it was great we had fun ^_^ well thats all I chatted a lot and I won't expect that much comments XD since I don't go to others sites but I will either later today or tomarrow, have a great day!!!!

rAnDoM wOrD: JUMPING!!!!

Question of the day: Do you hate it when your brothers/sisters/nephews fight all the time???

Answer: I am tired of it >.< my two lil nephews keep fighting with each other and makes me mad!!!

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