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Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Battle #1
Sephiroth vs. Kadaj

Sephiroth appears as a tall man with long silver hair, bright emerald-green cat-like eyes, a long black coat, white metallic plate armor and belted black boots. He carries the sword Masamune which is essentially an extra long katana. He is dominantly left-handed as are his remnants, and was the most famous member of SOLDIER, until he dissapeared five years prior to the Meteor Crisis.

Kadaj is the leader and youngest member of Sephiroth's remnants. He has medium-length silver hair and uses a reinforced double-katana called "Souba". He embodies Sephiroth's cruel childish nature and his boundless determination for vengeance. Using the materia embedded in his arm, he can summon Bahamut SIN. Absorbing Jenova's cells, Kadaj can turn into Sephiroth.

Who will win? You decide. To vote, just leave a comment saying who you want to win. Hope you enjoy!

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