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Thursday, March 8, 2007

Vinzer Deling
Vinzer Deling was the President of Galbadia. He appointed Sorceress Edea as a so-called "peace ambassador" to resolve problems Galbadia had with other nations. Martine told Squall and his companions that Deling chose Edea because he knew that other nations feared Edea because she was a Sorceress. Using this fear, he aimed to control the other nations. However, Deling met his untimely death in the hands of Edea during the welcoming ceremony he arranged for her at Deling City.
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Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Galbadia Garden
Galbadia Garden is he largest Garden, and is located near the center of the continental landmass. Originally operated by a man named Martine, Sorceress Edea chose Galbadia Garden as her base of operations when she took power over the Galbadian Military forces. It has the same flight capability as Balamb Garden. Galbadia Garden was visited by Squall and his companions when it was a building and still under the Garden scheme's control, and again when it was an airship under the control of Edea. Irvine Kinneas joined Squall from Galbadia Garden at the end of the first visit. Galbadia Garden roams the world with the remainder of its surviving students, today.

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Saturday, March 3, 2007

Ellone is a mysterious girl who wanders in and out of Balamb Garden, and who knows Squall from his past. Ellone has a bizarre power: the ability to send a person's consciousness back in time and into the body of another, so they can watch and sometimes influence the actions of said other. She uses this talent to send Squall and his friends into Laguna's past adventure in the hopes that they will be able to alter the past. However, she eventually conceded that history cannot be altered.

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Friday, March 2, 2007

A gunblade is a sword with a pistol embedded in the blade. The layout of such a weapon differs from a rifle with a bayonet in that the edged component has an integral barrel, rather than being attached to the end of the barrel. In essence, the gunblade has a pistol to supplement the sword, while a bayonet is a blade to supplement a rifle. The gunblade does not fire projectiles, despite its name. Triggering a round in the gun chamber sends a shockwave through the blade, increasing the damage potential to whatever the blade strikes at that moment.

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Balamb Garden
Balamb Garden is a military academy at which SeeDs are trained and is the second largest of the three gardens. It was founded by Cid Kramer, who became its headmaster, using funds donated from the Garden Master, a Shumi named NORG. Squall Leonhart, Zell Dincht, Seifer Almasy, Quistis Trepe, and Selphie Tilmitt all attended this military academy. Selphie Tilmitt was a transfer student from Trabia Garden. The hidden secret of the facility is its construction as a Centran mobile fortress, capable of hovering at low altitudes and move freely over lowlands and the ocean.

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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Squall Leonhart
Squall's physical appearance consists of medium-length brown hair and cold grey eyes. A small scar runs diagonally across the bridge of Squall's nose, which he recieved in a training duel against his rival Seifer. Squall is known as a "lone wolf" by his peers because he never explains his feelings. He comes off as cold to his allies. His superiors, such as his teacher, Quistis Trepe, regard him as difficult to deal with but greatly respect his natural talents.

He is also known to be stoic in some situations. Squall has a taciturn attitude. When he first met Rinoa, she coerced him into dancing with her at the SeeD graduation ball. He awkwardly bumped into other partygoers while staring constantly at his feet with a look of confusion. Rinoa, however, persevered in partnering him, and Squall eventually revealed that he was quite capable of dancing, as it was a mandatory aspect of his training.

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Friday, February 16, 2007

Democrats Rule
Democrats are challenging President Bush's power to wage war. They claim they've found a way to block a troop increase in Iraq and prevent any pre-emptive invasion of Iran.

An armed man hijacked a Mauritanian plane to Spain's Canary Islands yesterday. Thankfully, he was overpowered by the passengers and flight crew. He was arrested by police who boarded the plane shortly after landing.

Hundreds of shrieking, frenzied fans greeted Paris Hilton as she made an appearance at Vienna Mall in Austria on Thursday. Paris Hilton replied to them with "Hello everybody, it's good to see you," and "Happy late Valentines Day!" However, her appearance was cut short when several objects landed on-stage and she was whisked away by security guards. The flying objects included cigarette packs, tissues and lipstick.

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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Dude. Someone keeps putting Reeses cups in my locker. I love Reeses cups! They're my favorite candy in the whole wide world! However, I can't figure out who is putting them in my locker!

It's driving me nuts! Everyone I ask either doesn't know or won't tell me. Don't get me wrong. I'm not angry. I'm ecstatic.

Someone is putting Reeses in my locker. It's just driving me crazy that I don't know who it is!

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Monday, February 12, 2007

The United States sayas that Iran is arming Iraqis with armor piercing explosives that have led to the death of more than 170 U.S. troops. However, the military command in Baghdad denied that any smuggled Iranian weapons were behind the five military United States helicopter crashes since January 20th. Four of them were shot out of the sky by insurgent gunfire. The fifth helicopter crash is being tentatively blamed on mechanical failure. At the same time, two United States security company helicopters have also crashed, but the cause of those is unclear.

What do you think?

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Friday, February 9, 2007

Political News
The Pentagon has stated that when they manipulated pre-war intel for going into Iraq, that action was not illegal. A "very damning" report by the Defense Department's inspector general has depicted a Pentagon that purposely manipulated intelligence in an effort to link Saddam Hussein to Al-Qaeda in the run up to the United States invasion of Iraq. That was the argument that was used to turn public opinion in favor of the government invading Iraq. According to the report, what the Pentagon did was innappropriate, but not illegal.
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