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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Well, this is kind of awkward…I haven’t been here in so long and a lot of you probably don’t care anymore…I’m sorry if I caused anyone to worry or whatever…I just needed a long break and sort of a time to get myself together for a while, you know? But…I guess I can try to come back… Just bear with me for a while since I want to get this place spiffed up…or will at least try. So…for now I just have one little thing to ask of whomever is reading this…to please listen to the one song I put up here and will try to change daily…If at least one person can do this then I will keep on posting… Alright, now that you’ve listened to the song tell me if you want me to keep it or change it. If you want me to change me tell me: do you want me to put up another song by this band, another song that’s similar to this one, or another completely different song….

Good bye for now….I hope everyone is fine…but just know I won’t be able to visit. At all. For now….

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