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Friday, September 21, 2007

Currently listening to: Gardenia [by: Malice Mizer]
*grumble* No Gaawa-kun for today..he said he would come SOME TIME next week... *GRUMBLE* Ah well...comment answearing time: Sesshy: X3! *GLOMPS* Yes! School is being mean :C. LOL, that box is right here next to me *pats it* I did get a couple of raised eyebrows and shaking of heads, but other then that I guess I'm...pretty well known? xD"I FIXED THE BACKGROUND. DO YOU LIKE IT!? DO YOU HAVE A PROBLEM WITH TEH AWESOME SHOES MADE OUT OF WIN AND OWNAGE!? Mercury: Yay love! I'll be fine, I can handle it. XxAerithXx: *gaspeth* Thank you for stopping by! I've missed you too. *hugs* asahi: Thanks. Sam: Yes...CURSE YOU SCHOOL. IT HAS LOOPHOLES D: . I'm glad you like the song ^^ I FIXED THAT FREAKING BACKGROUND. RNWEPORJOWRJOPW*#$! LAWL. SHOOOESSSS. OF COURSE! Mana shoes are TEH BEST. lol...just be careful not to fall whyle wearing them, lolz. *GIGGLESNORTS* xD I LOVE STUDYING!? sonicandtailsrox: Thank you! The background is now visible *smiles* darkemyst: I love those shoes! *heart* Mmm? Does that mean that you go barefoot or wear only flip flops? I hope school gets less...busy for you (if that's even possible...). Well, well, well! I finished my homework early for once *smiles*. *sigh* I feel so happy! Tra la la~. *ahem* Anyways, about my day yesterday: Math was pretty interesting as always. Science was kind of annoying, but still a bit interesting. LA/SS was kind of boring, but still fun. Choir was pretty hilaryous and fun! So all in all I had a good day. What's that? SOME OF YOU (Sam(Hiei1350)I know you liked 'em xD) LIKED TEH MANA PICS!? WELL HERE ARE SOME MOAR: Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket WHO DOESN'T LOVE MANA!? ...LOSERS AND TOTAL BASTARDS. THAT'S WHO. *SHOT* Dx ...No offense to any of my friends who...might not like him...but seriously, if you don't then...that makes me feel pretty dissapointed. *giggle* Right now I've just started a Mana scrapbook *heart* It already has two pictures in it. I will do my best to fill it up! Now, I am off everyone. Take care and I love you all. *walks off to play with my electric guitar*
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