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Friday, August 24, 2007

Currently listening to: monophobia [by: Moi Dix Mois] <3
CO: Break a spell, now return to the sky. As time goes by, meet again by destiny....: Sesshy: XD" LOL, right! BUT I say: If the man is smexy and skinny, THEN THEY SHOULD WEAR LOLITA DRESSES AND SUCH. :33 WITH the deluxe imaginary pencil box I am sure to have a school year full of WIN. An Cafe CD! X3 And I'm glad you like teh pics :3. Becky: Hehe, the CD just came out the 22nd ^^ sonicandtailsrox: Well, it really depends on the magnitude of the earthquake AND the fact that it was a ride it doesn't seem like much. But trust me, experiencing a real earthquake is a tad bit frightful. AdventureMs.Aqua: XD" My backpack is pretty heavy too. Moon Fangs: Yup, earthquakes are serious business sometimes. About the CD thing, well, when it's one of my favorite bands, and my first ever Jrock CD, then I feel VERY VERY blessed to be able to get it. asialonewolfe: Good luck with the shopping! ^^ Thanks, my step-sister still hasn't bought it for me, but she said she would since she owes me a Birthday present. :D I'm glad you like the pictures. Mercury Dragon: o wo Yup, that's me. THERE IS NO DIRECT PATH IN MY MIND 8D. pwn does mean own. But just is chat speak. Besides, pwn sounds a bit cooler in my opinion XD". Jrockers are awesome! Samara: o o! YOU'RE BACK *hugs* Asakura: MANA-SAMA! I hope you like Ali Project ^^. playitbakinslomo: Well, I used to go to a private school back in the good old days. D: NO MAKE-UP OR ANYTHING = death. My step-sister better send me the CD QUICK. Sometimes she's nice, other time she's not, but most of the time I think she's a bit of a hypocrite.... furubaFANN: ^^" I will hopefully get the CD soon. xD And I agree with your philosophy of guys. Jack: *ahem* Jack...don't take this the wrong way but...when I may or may not strangle you when I see you at school this Saturday *smiles* gaa: mou ichido onaji sekai de... CO: Break a spell, now return to the sky. As time goes by, meet again by destiny... gaa: kanki no uzu ni tsutsumarete. Okay, can we get on with the post and stop singing the lyrics to Monophobia? CO: Oh uh right! Heh...sorry about that guys, but I LOVE that song by Moi Dix Mois! gaa: It's pretty good. CO: OH IT'S NOT JUST GOOD IT'S....SPIFFEH. I mean, THE GUITARS, DRUMS, VIOLINS, PIANOOOOOO *starts to ramble* gaa: - - we get it! CO: ^^" *laughs* Right.....I GOT 2000+ HITS. OMFG. feoiteiatoeiaitjoeiti THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH *glomps you all and gives you ramen* :333 *dances* gaa: Wooh. CO: *stops* ^^" Well, uh...moving on...I'll tell a little bit of what happened on Wednesday...turns out that was the day of the belt test for the adult class and I forgot. So I showed up there and asked a guy that was there if that day was the belt test. He said yes and as I was about to leave he was trying to convince me to stay. But I started to say stuff like: "No no! I'll make a complete fool out of myself and bla bla." Wich is the truth. I still sort of wanted to take it at that moment, but I think I made the right choice. gaa: Yeah, but who knows...oh well, that's in the past now. CO: *sigh* Right. Moving on, my Thursday was pretty good. I bought myself ANOTHER Konoha headband *heart* This time it's the forehead version instead of the bandanna version :33. gaa: Yup. Is that it? CO: Oh, for the most part yes. Anata wa kodoku no naka watashi ni te o sashinobete-iru.... gaa: ..uh, watashi wa mieru anata ga kono kyoku to tomo ni. CO: NOW RETURN TO THE SK- gaa: *clamps a hand on Ivette's mouth* CO: = w= *licks* gaa: *screams and removes hand quickly* WTF?!? CO: *laughs* Well uh...PICTURE TIME. MOI DIX MOIS PICSSSSSSSSSSS.: Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket gaa: *nods* Well, I hope you all have a good day/night. CO: Yes. Same here!
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