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Friday, August 17, 2007

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CO: You know the drill, time to answer comments: Sesshy: xD People already think I should be put in an insane house. Thanks for the imaginary, yet totally amazing, pencil box ^3^ lee radcliffe: He was watching...some Sunagakure news XP The get broadcasted over at my house since the Kazekage is here on vacation! xD" MATTY! *HEART* Who wouldn't want to get beautifully wasted with him!?! Becky: ^^" Sorry. But I'm more of a "talk to me through the net" person. I don't like to be around other people much. PRINTING FRENZY WOOOOH. Kashin: *laughs* That's true. But soon enough I'll have to go to college and then get a job and stuff :< Oh well. That's life! Jack: xD Actually, I'm writing a Naruto fanfic! So far I've written 17 pages o3o gaa: *sitting on the carpet floor watching news from Sunagakure* CO: *turns off the tv* ._. gaa: Hey! I was watching that.... CO: Too bad. It distracts you too much! gaa: From what? CO: *points to a big pile of papers sitting on a desk* gaa: *grumbles* Right...whatever. *gets back to work* CO: *ahem* wellll.....I basically did what I do everyday now. Stay home all day doing crap. Right now I'm just getting ready for school. I'll have to go to the school on Saturday 25th to get my schedule and blah. Woooh. gaa: At least you don't have to do all this paperwork *signing papers* CO: Oh! Right. It must be tough for you. HANG IN THERE BUDDY! Newho, another "boring enough to make your eyes bleed" post. Oh don't worry. When school starts I'll give you all some really good "BLAH BLAH FUCK YOU SCHOOL" posts, I'm sure....if I have time. Hahaha, you guys should be looking forward to that XP gaa: Don't be a bitch. CO: -3- Yeah yeah...don't worry guys. I'll spare you the horror and try to um, not dump my pathetic and stupid problems on you since I'm sure you will have or have problems of your own. gaa: Good. Are you going to post the icon now so that we can get this post over with? *writing a report on something* CO: Oh! Yes! Well, I'm almost done with Death Note *is one chapter 99* =3 ONLY 10 MORE CHAPTERS TO GO. And since I like Matt from Death Note now, I will post 2. COUNT THEM 2 Matt icons XD. *SHOT* Augh...not that anyone cares, but oh well. You'll just have to put up with my crapyness. SO HERE YA GO: Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Tee hee...Matt, you cigarette smoking, gun shooting, videogame junkie, goggle wearing, lovable stud! *heart* gaa: ._. .......fangirls....creepier then Kankuro's obsession with his puppets. CO: Heh heh...oh umm, HERE A DISTRACTION: Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket MISA MISA gaa: - - I think that's her way of saying "that's all for now and see you all tomorrow". So umm..get out of here. That means you. CO: Uh-...yeah. Thanks Gaawa-kun...er-BACK TO PICTURE PRINTING FOR MEH. BYE GUYS *waves frantically* ROFL. THIS SO PWNS: Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket gaa: .______. CO: SORRY SORRY. OKAY NOW YOU MAY LEAVE.
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