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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

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CO: OMGWTFBBQ!11!!?!1 *licks the computer screen and has a spaz attack* gaa: *runs away* CO: *faints* gaa: ._. *walks back* Umm...I'll just post the replies to some comments she was going to answer...: SessLover18: Gee...thanks for the pencil box *sweatdrops* Alex: ^^ Thank you for your comment, it made me feel better. :3" Yes, I will try to take an aspirin if needed be! Siaras: *nods* Far too long my friend. Oh, I bet it'll go well! And of course there might be some downs but hey, it's nothing you can't survive ^^ Thanks for the praying and advice! furubaFANN: Yeah *bows* Sorry if I caused your eyes to bleed because of that post. Asakura: WOAH. You're the second person I have met on MyO that actually likes and listens to D'espa! playitbakinslomo: Heh, I don't think I'm sick...the pains and stuff come and go...it's kind of annoying. Eh, well, I hate 87% of the people in the school I go to *is kind of anti-social* OH YEAH, LISTEN TO D'ESPAIRS RAY X3. spellcaster94: Huh? I'm not really sick...I'm sorry!?! gaa: Alrighty then...um.. CO: *stands up again in a flash* HOLY PORK RINDS BATMAN! gaa: *runs away* CO: RJJWPJPRJPOTEO I'VE FOUND THE MOST AWESOME NARUTO FANART SITE. LTLJKIPJIE YEAH BITCH. *ahem* xD""""""""" umm...I guess I'll tell you all a bit more about my muy exciting day...I drew, practiced piano, had more stomachaches, dizyness, hedaches, mood swings, and worried to no end. I'm going to buy school supplies today. I AM SO UNPREPARED. @ @ Maybe God is trying to tell me something about this upcoming school year...like: "YOU WILL FAIL. Thank you for your time." Ah hahaha....I'll just have to try my best. So um, that's it. Another boring as hell post I guess. I hope you all will have a good day/night. gaa: *comes out of hiding* ...you scare me woman.... CO: Eh heh heh...I know. I scare a lot of people XP gaa: ....um, right. Bye everyone. CO: Oh, bye guys. AND NO. I will not be posting pictures from the Naruto fanart website I've found. Why? 1) I'm evil. 2) You have to ask through PM and MAYBE I'll show you the website. 3) I'm lazy. Instead I'll leave you with an icon: Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket gaa: ....*walks away* CO: Ha ha...*follows*
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