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Monday, August 13, 2007

Currently listening to: Mirror [by: D'espairs Ray] <3
CO: tjtmpijjetjaieojt I'm back! Jesus...I've been gone for a whyle now...well, a lot of things have been happening lately...so yeah. I couldn't post for several reasons.

gaa: *nods*

CO: And school starts in two weeks...throitioesj that makes me so nervous. D: I'll barely have time to get on the net....

gaa: That's life.

CO: Yeah..and I don't feel like answering comments since I have a headache and stomachache....now I must get back to doing the junk I was doing. I'll try to make the next post um, better then this boring one.

gaa: *yawn* Right.

CO: No pictures today...I leave you all with a D'espairs Ray video:

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