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Thursday, July 26, 2007

CO: COMMENT REPLYING: BASH: THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR MY BIRTHDAY GIFT!! *heart* READ THE SERIES!!! You'll like it ^^" OrganizationX: Yeah, spoilers can be quite troublesome...sorry she ruined it for you. Becky: Good luck with the all nighter!! SASORI-SAMA'S FACE!! *sigh* ...such beauty. Malsery: D: I know exactly how you feel. Sam: SG'S FACE!!! *heart* X3 Dei: *yawn* And now for our regular updates and blah, un. CO: Yes, well, Wednesday was boring. Just stayed home all day doing what I do everyday. I WAS supposed to go to karate that day, but our car had a flat tire...cursesss and my belt test is so close too DD: Dei: That's what you get for not checking it earlyer, un. CO: *sigh* Oh well. My Birthday is tomorrow. Wheee~ and whatever. But I'd really like to thank BASH since she made me a nice Gaawa-kun drawing :3 Thank you ever so much!!! Dei: It was well drawn, un. CO: Too bad my parents can't get me the 120 Prismacolors for my Birthday since we're having money problems...Cursess. So instead they'll just give me a couple of bucks. Probably ranging from 30-77 dollars. Thank goodness for my aunt since she usually gives me 100-200 dollars for my Birthday and Christmas...geez...here is the stuff wich I'm planning on buying by saving my money: Prismacolors (120 box)= 100 and something dollars, Copic Markers= probably like...40-70 dollars since I want to buy a ton, Scanner= 130 dollars, Photoshop CS3= 700 dollars. Dei: ....that's a little too much money don't you think, un? CO: Yeah I guess...but I can still dream. Oh well. I've also been printing out a lot of pics. to put on a corcho. Meh, I don't know how to say corcho in english (yes, corcho is a spanish word) and I'm too lazy to look it up. So yeah... Dei: *cough* Lazy *cough* un. CO: Whatever, but I'm really happy that today we get to see SASORI NO DANNA'S FACE!!!! HELLZ. EFFING. YEAH. Dei: O o ....whatever makes you happy, un. CO: Right right. There was also a big repeting (sp?) explosions in Dalls Texas... Dei: kukuku, it was beautiful!! A work of art, un un! CO: .___. you had nothing to do with that did you? ..... Dei: Of course not, what made you think that, un? *smiles* CO: ...erm-whatever...I'll see you beautiful people around! Dei: Same here un. Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
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