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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Mood: Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket CO: YATTA!!! I MUST TELL YOU ALL ABOUT THE HP MOVIE *dances* Dei: But uh, let's get to comments first, un? CO: *nods* RIGHT: SessLover18: XD"" I'll try not to cut. I don't want a rock thrown at me!! Alex: *rubs the back of her head* Yeah...that hit sure caused major damage! *tear* Yes! I love each and everyone one of you guys!! lol, your randomness is what makes you you XP! Take care ^^ playitbakinslomo: *sweatdrops* Yeah...that sure hurt though! I'm going to have to practice a lot too! Oooooh, clarinet! How interesting! CURSE YOU HANDS AND FEET!!! DX sonicandtailsrox: Thanks ^^ Becky: The HP movie rawked mah socks!! Sakura Star: xD God knows how much Inuyasha needs a pedicure! furubaFANN: Ah, the irony! Well, I wish you luck in trying to draw hands and feet! catman007: *squee* I can't wait to see that fanart!! THAT SCANNER BETTER WORK!!! Kashin: ^^ Thank you for the offer. I'll be sure to take you up on it if ever needed! I badly need a cellphone x3x Dei: ._____. Wow, you sure don't have any knives now, un. CO: UGH! Fine! Deidara lend me your kunai! Dei: *hides them* DON'T MAKE ME PUNISH YOU, UN CO: ._. How? With those beastly hands of yours!? EW, PLEASE DON'T SLOBBER ALL OVER ME DEIDARA!! .________. And I know there are some sickos out there that are thinking perverted thoughts about what I said!! SO STOP IT RIGHT THERE, THAT IS NOT WHAT I MEANT. Dei: O o||||| EW, UN. CO: *shudders* Anyways.....HARRY POTTER MOVIE TIME *shakes hips and waves arms in the air* Dei: Ya- CO: *sticks a henna tattoo of Harry's on Deidara's forehead* Dei: AAAAAAAH UN CO: :3 Now....OMFG!!! OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG!! *spazzes* IT WAS SO ASS KICKING AWESOME!!! THE 3-D EFFECT WAS GREAT!!! DAMN, REALITY WHY DO YOU SUCK SO MUCH!!!!! But I enjoyed myself :3! IT WAS SPAZMAZING!!! *3* I WANT TO GO TO HOGWARTSSSS.... D: Dei: *trying to wash the tattoo off* *snickers* Hogwarts...un. CO: ._." But when Sirius died I cried D: And when Snape was being bullied I felt such sympathy towards him...he's not too bad looking when he's young- Dei: o O You're becoming a Snape fangirl!?! ...now I truly know you're desperate for love, un. CO: Shut up! *cough* *cough* I hope some of you get to see it soon :3 I RECOMMEND IT!! But the book had better details and junk. So reading the book would be good ^^ I STILL WANT TO TALK ABOUT THE MOVIE DAMMIT. And so, Hagrid's half brother, who is a giant by the way, was cute X3 Dei: .... CO: I felt kind of sorry for him though....Belatrix Lestrange is such a bitch...killing Sirius like that... -3- D: Rest in peace Sirius *moment of silence* Dei: I thought she was pretty cool, un. CO: ....right....well, the Dumbledore and Voldemort fight was so great!! WITH ALL OF THE "FOOOSH" "WOOOOSH" "KABLAM!" FIRE SNAKYNESS, TINY PIECES OF GLASSES FLYING, HARRY CONVULSING AND TRYING TO GET VOLDEMORT OUT OF HIS MIND, IT WAS FREAKIN GREAT! Dei: WOOO UN!? CO: Okay...and Tonks was great XD I love her hair color changing skillz. That is all. *SORT OF A SPOILER FOR CHAP. 362!! BUT IT'S STILL A RUMOR! BUT ER- STILL!! WARNING* Dei: Anyways, are we qui- CO: *pokes Dei's chest* Dei: .__. Pardon, un? CO: ...Deidara is it true you have a humongous mouth in the middle of your chest!? O o|||||| Dei: ....*covers self with his Akatsuki cloak* I will keep you in mystery for now, un. CO: .... o O|||||||| ...WHERE ELSE DO YOU HAVE MAN!? Dei: ._____. *spoiler (sort of) ends here! (sort of)* CO: o O I will go back to my picture postingness. BUT THE SPOILER SHALL BE CONTINUED AFTER THE GAARA AND SASORI PICTURES. Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket CO: ...Sasori-is-the-smex. Dei: .____. Well, it's nice to see danna again...but I wouldn't agree with you...un. CO: *phew* good....anyways....SWOON BEFORE SASORI'S SGNESS!!! ....I swear. When I saw Gaara about 50% of real guys died to me. I could never look at them in a "I want to be his gf!" sort of way. And now Sasori killed 77% more. I swear. IT'S SO WRONG!!! WHY ARE YOU SO HAWT SATOWI-KUN!!! IT'S NOT FAIR!!! *sobs* Dei: CAN WE GET ON WITH THE SPOILER PAART ALREADY, UN!?!?!! CO: *sniff* *sniff* Right....Warning warning...yadda yadda. OH AND THERE'S A PICTURE SO SHIELD YOUR EYES. Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Dei: o o CO: Yeppers. But I've just heard from a couple of friends that Deidara has that huge mouth on his chest...so he has mouths on his hands and now CHEST!? WE SHALL TALK ABOUT THIS LATER DEIDAWA-KUN Dei: ._." CO: ...but I have to admit....that's pretty hot. Dei: Seriously, un? CO: *nods* ....it's freakin attractive. I like my men weird and with peculiar physical features. Dei: ...I'll never understand you woman. *SPOILER ENDS* CO: Well now...I'll talk to you guys later. Dei: Same. Un.
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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Mood: Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket CO: Before anything else I- Dei: *hits Ivette on the head* CO: *knocked out* @ @ Dei: .____. umm...I didn't mean to hit you that hard.....un. Anyways....Ivette had everything she wanted to say typed up so I'll just type it for her here, un *ahem*: "THANK YOU ALL!! Really, I don't know what I was thinking back then. I feel a lot better now. Venting like this. I had it all bottled up for so long....I LUFFLES YOU ALL LIKE FAMILY!! Dx YOU'RE ALL TOO GREAT!!! Luckily I'm in a better mood :3 Part of it are your caring words. Well, cutting is extra hard to quit once you've gotten started *sweatdrops* I must try to though...but it feels so good....*insert Deidara splashing me with hot water here* ANYWAYS, I shall try not to worry you all with these kind of news. And whenever I feel unhappy or something I will try to PM anyone of you since I know I can count on you guys ^^ And that was about all I needed to say ^^ Thank you guys. I love you all." CO: *still out cold* Dei: Oh God...un *throws cold water at Ivette* CO: *wakes up* WHOWHAT EOPEITE!?!?! ._________. Dei: Oh good, you're up, un. CO: o o"" Thanks....I think....*shot* *shot* Dei: .____. I think you're friends are mad at you, un. CO: ERM-SORRY PEOPLE!! Anyways, I don't really have anything else to say to you people ^^" Except that if you guys want to slap and or steal my knive (and thumb tack o o) I understand ^^""" So yeah...thank you all for caring. Now....I'M GOING TO SEE THE HP MOVIE TODAY!! JIETOETJOE *spazzes* Dei: Have fun, un. CO: I WILL!!! At least my Mom can go with me!! I will tell you all about it when I come back 83 I also restarted piano classes yesterday and that was fun :3. So yeah. Whee! And I will try not to insult you people anymore v_v *bows* In fact, I will try not to post about my bad, cutting (if I ever have anymore), and insulting rants. Although I think you'll hear a lot of those when I go back to school....BUT STILL!! I will try to keep them to a minimum!! (Unless somebody PMs me and really wants to know if anything is wrong and stuff then I'll rant to you o o"") Dei: Umm, so is that all? CO: HAI!! And I will try to practice my drawing more! (I MUST TRY TO FIND A WAY TO GET PEOPLE'S SHOES AND FEET TO LOOK RIGHT DAMN IT). Anyways, bye people *ubersuperglompsyouall* Dei: *waves* Un.
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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Mood: Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Dei: UGH! Warning everyone warning! Ivette here is going to go full on rant mode - - un! CO: Yeah, but I'll reply to some comments first: SessLover18: Actually I was thinking about cutting, but my parents wouldn't leave me alone long enough to get the sharp butcher knife!! Alex: XDD" Yeah, I'm a bit relieved to know that you're not a Sasori fangirl, rofl. And thank you very much for the happy early birthday wish! ima2Dluva: Migrane headaches!! OH GOD! Those are so hurtful!! Oh noes! You have no DS!? x x I had to buy me one myself. I saved up my money for it ^^" Becky: *drools* SATOWI-KUN! *spazzes* And thankies for the happy early birthday wishes! sonicandtailsrox: Yeah, same here. Without the internet I will probably die...not from suicide, but depression. BASH: Good to hear you're back too, buddy! HOORAH FOR ASPIRIN THEN! Perios: :D Good to hear from you again...and you'll survive those two hard grueling months! Dei: Okay, so now onto rambling mode, un? CO: Umm, I guess....er- *WARNING WARNING EXTREME RAMBLE WITH LANGUAGE AND ANGST!!! IT MAY INSULT SOME OF YOU, AND I'M SORRY IF IT DOES. I REALLY DON'T MEAN TO MAKE SOME OF YOU MAD* Dei: I already listened to this already *mumbles* not like I had a choice, un... CO: *ahem* So...first of all, I just want to say...I DON'T GIVE A DAMN IF YOU DISLIKE OR HATE NARUTO ALRIGHT!?!! IT'S MY FUCKING WEBSITE (not really mine though since Adam (truly wonderful man) made MyO, but this is just a small space where I can put whatever the hell I please.) So you can stick you opinions up your- *gets a tamale shoved into her mouth* HMPHRMPHRRR!! Dei: Ah bubup! Don't talk with your mouth full, un! CO: -3-** *swallows it all down* AGH WHY DID YOU DO THAT!??!! Dei: To stop you from actually LOSING just about all of your "friends", un! CO: Well, if they don't like it they can just- *gets water shoved down her throat* Dei: You must be parched after eating that tamale whole!! DRINK, UN CO: *chocking* Dei: There!! Don't you feel better, un!? CO: NO NOW LET ME SPEAK MAN. Dei: NO! I don't want to hear you sobbing about it later!! Saying stuff like "OMG NUUUU MY SO CALLED FRIENDS LEFTED MEEEE LIFE SUCKSSSS EVEN MORE NOW BLAH BLAH BLAH *angst* *angst* *angst* I MUST NOW GO AND VENT AND ANNOY DEIDA-" *gets some meat shoved into his mouth* CO: You must be STARVING Deidara!! Dei: *spits it up* STOP IT UN CO: YOU BETTER CLEAN THAT UP MISTER!!! Dei: *looks at whoever is reading this* If you have actually read all of this nonesense and shit so far, then you either 1) have no life 2) actually care about this psycho here 3) or be extremely bored. Anyways, thanks for sticking so far BUT this woman here is not done speaking yet. Trust me, MORE crap is coming up, un. CO: UGH HFOIEJIEITETI. LOOK YOU AND ANYONE WHO'S READING THIS!!! I'VE HAD A BAD DAY!!! KNOWING THAT MY AUNT WON'T BE COMING FROM EL SALVADOR TO WATCH THE FREAKIN HARRY POTTER MOVIE ON WEDNESDAY and now I have an extra ticket to the HP movie!! ALSO MY DRAWING OF OBITO THAT I'M DOING NOW LOOKS LIKE A FUCKING CHIMP LEGGED RETARD WITH BAD ERASE MARKS AND HIDEOUS FEET AND SHOES. And I had worked so hard on it too....So basically Ivette = failure at drawing, life, and other things. Dei: *listening to Ivette's iPod* DDR music! Interesting, un... CO: And what's even worse is that my parents have somehow found my sharp pocket knife hidden in my room and have taken it away Dx And so I've had to cut with a thumb tack!! Wich doesn't even make a decent cut!! I WANTED A LITTLE BLOOD DAMN IT!!! Dei: *ignoring Ivette and listening to some An Cafe music* Bokura no popopo...un. CO: And now I feel like a goddamn bitch that's alone, friendless, and doomed to a depressing, boring, dark future!! UGH! God, PLEASE shorten my life!! I just want to die when I'm 16 or 17 and go to heaven...although now I think I'll probably go to hell....ugh...just great....blah. Dei: *listening to Harmonia by Rythem* CO: Thank goodness for karate. At least that made me feel a whole lot better...I think. Since it helped me take my mind off of things, but still made me feel rejected. I swear, I am the only person there that sits alone in a corner bitting my nails whyle everyone else is yakking and laughing it up. I actually manage to scare people off....FEAR MAH ANTI-SOCIALNESS!!! Anyways....yeah....there is still a lot more I could rant about (yes, more angst and shit), but I think you all have already suffered enough...if anyone has actually gotten this far and read everything. Dei: *takes off the headphones and turns the iPod off* Are you quite finished yet? CO: Yes... Dei: Good. Now I'm sure a lot of people are pissed off by now, but oh well, it's your choice. CO: *shrugs* I guess. But whatever. I don't really give a crap now. Dei: Whatever you say....damn, I don't know how Gaara just doesn't bloody kill you, un. CO: HA! I'm sure he feels like it, but just doesn't want to get in trouble with the law or something. Dei: *nods* I think so too, un. CO: Oh yeah, and since a lot of you obviously are trying to shoot me now (please, go ahead! I insist!) I will not be posting anymore pictures since they're all Naruto pictures. Dei: Er-alright then, I don't think anyone cares, un. CO: Exactly, probably just like 2 people. So it doesn't really matter to me anymore. Oh, and not that anyone cares, but I'm sorry if I offended all of you. Dei: *sweatdrops* CO: Well, now if you'll excuse me I'm off to bed and steal a small kitchen knife from the kitchen just in case I give into the temptation of cutting again and just need a little rush of blood. Dei: Will you shut up now, it's not like anyone cares anymore, un. CO: You're right, I guess. Well, later. Dei: Ugh, yeah, later people, I guess...un.
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Monday, July 9, 2007

Mood: Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket CO: Geez...I have a huge headache...well, anyways, I'm finally posting again :D" Woot? Dei: *on the couch watching some tv* Get some aspiring then, un. CO: Good idea...oh yeah, well, Gaawa-kun left! So Deidawa-kun had to come back. Dei: *nods* Un *channel surfing* CO: Well, one reason why I haven't been posting is because I left for San Antonio on Wednesday and there was no internet access in my Dad's mobile home....so yeah....boring as hell. But I did get Naruto Ninja Council 3 for the DS on Saturday. I beat it all on Sunday though (unlocked all the characters and did all of the missions.) So in total it only took me about 10 hours of total playtime to finish it. Dei: That sure was quick, un. CO: Yeah. Well, now onto a spoiler about chapter 361 *WARNING* CURSE-YOU-CHIDORI!! AGH Suke-chan is still alive - - And the next chapter will be the last of the Sasuke and Deidara battle, or so I think. I think Deidawa-kun will die though. Kishi-sama won't let him die...yet. *end of spoiler* Now onto some comments: chezaswulf: I'm glad you like the pics. I put up ^^ And...wtf? I tried to respond to your PM, but when I sent it it said that your username was wrong and that your website didn't exist O o ... Alex: o o ...that must be a gigantic computer screen... XD!! Suke-chan a rancher!!?!!! ROFL xD Shonigoneyes93: I don't really care if everyone in the world loves Naruto, or if someday everyone hates it. But I'm a Narutard for life. And Naruto deserves all of the glory it's getting now. Naruto has changed my life, so Naruto is a huge part of me now. Without Naruto sometimes I think I might die. YES! I am obsessed. Well I'm just very excited about something...THE HP MOVIE IS COMING OUT THIS WEDNESDAY!!! *spazzes* YESSSSS. Dei: I hope you have fun, un. CO: Oh I will!! IT'S GOING TO BE SPAZZMAZING. ON JULY 26TH WE GET TO SEE SASORI'S TRUE FACE!!! X3 AND IT'S A DAY BEFORE MAH BIRTHDAY TOO!!! OH THE EXCITEMENT!!! I LUFFLES JULY!!!! THE HP BOOK IS COMING OUT ON JULY TOO!!! AND HAVE YOU ALL SEEN THE NEW NARUTO: SHIPPUUDEN ENDING!?!?!! IT'S SO COOL!!!! A LOT OF GOOD THINGS ARE HAPPENING ON JULY (well, for me anyways). WOOOOO AND MEH SENPAI'S BIRTHDAY IS ON THE 12TH RAWR!! (my senpai's Otaku name is: sevy). Dei: ._." Now you're going to give ME a head ache, and seeing Danna's face on tv will surely be a great ordeal, un x3 CO: YES!!! FOR SATOWI-DANNA IS A SEX GOD!! *cough* Or so my friends say. Dei: *sweatdrops* ...right, un. CO: Well, there's nothing much I can say anymore. So later my Otaku friends. Dei: *waves* CO: NO PICTURES TODAY PEOPLE BECAUSE TODAY I'M POSTING THE GREATNESS OF THE SECOND NARUTO: SHIPPUUDEN ENDING!!! WOOOO *runs off to get some aspirin*
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Sunday, July 1, 2007

Mood: Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket gaa: I'm back. CO: Yes! Gaawa-kun's back!! BUT I HAVE HAPPIER NEWS!!! *WARNING NARUTO CHAPTER 360 SPOILER WARNING* Dei: o o CO: OH HELL YEAH!!! SASUKE IS GETTING PWNED!!! WOOOOOO!!! IT'S SO COOL!!! DEIDEI IS LIEK THE PWNAGE!!! I MEAN, DEIDEI IS SO CLEVER!!! THINKING HOW TO FIND A WAY TO FIGURE OUT ITACHI'S GENJUTSU!! SO YEAH SUKE-CHAN!! HOW DO YOU LIKE THEM APPLES!! I LOVE THIS CHAPTER SO MUCH!! I HOPE DEIDARA DOES FINISH YOU OFF SUKE-CHAN X3! LOLZ, WHAT I LOVED ABOUT THIS CHAPTER WAS WHEN THE HUGE DEIDARA GOT FAT AND EXPLODED XD"" I LAUGHED SO HARD!! lol, and then when Deidara threw up the clay he had eaten he had some of like drool on his mouth and cheek and when he thought he had killed Suke-chan he was all like "VICTORY IS MINE LOL" And his eyes were bulging xD! DEIDAWA-KUN YOU RAWK!!! *spoiler over* *grabs Deidara's arms and shakes them* WOOO Dei: o o" Yes! I am awesome, un x3 gaa: Anyways, you can leave when you want. I'm already back. Dei: Oh right, I'll leave at the end of this post, un. CO: Oh, but you'll have to be back soon since Gaawa-kun is leaving for Suna. Dei: Oh right, un. gaa: *nods and starts packing* CO: *stops shaking Deidara's arms* ^^" Now on to answering comments: Hiei1350: X3 DEIDAWA-KUN IS WINNING!!! I CAN'T WAIT FOR THE NEXT CHAPTER! Kashin: That's just a rumor. It's practically impossible for Yondaime to be the Akatsuki Leader since Kishi-san colored the Leader with Orange hair and has awesome nose jewelry x3 So the chances of Yon-san being The Leader are VERY VERY low. It's hardly a possibility. SO DON'T BELIEVE YOUR BROTHER. catman007: o o! You need to catch up! Dei: Well, I'll be going now *jumps out the window and makes a huge clay bird appear* BYE UN!! *flies off* gaa: *waves* *continues packing* CO: o o anyways, sayonara. gaa: Sayonara. Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket CO: Whee, it's Obito!! X3 Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
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Saturday, June 23, 2007

Mood: Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket CO: I haven't heard from my Senpai yet but chances are she'll give Gaawa-kun back to me on Monday T^T .......BUT I HAVE BETTER NEWS *spoiler for Naruto Chapter 359* NFEOIENTNEITNMEONIFJEOIGTRJPTRHNIFOHEGIRTG Dei: ..... CO: DEIDAWA-KUN IS ALIVE!!!! ALIVE I SAY!!! FEIFOTRIGIROHGITHTHTE *grabs Deidara's arms and dances* Dei: AAAAAAAAAAAAH UN!!! CO: X3 WHEEEEEE DEIDEI!!!! Dei: I GET IT I GET IT YOU'RE HAPPY UN!!! CO: *lets go* *stops dancing* WOOOO.....but it's not over until the fat lady sings...so I think that Sasuke might still kill him... Dei: ._. CO: But who knows...I mean the next chapter's title is "The End Of Everything" ....AND BAKA STRIPPER SAMURAI SUKE-CHAN MIGHT KILL DEIDARA WITH HIS GENJUTSU OR SOMETHING!!! Ugh....I hope not....well, I'll just enjoy Deidara being alive whyle I still can. Dei: UN! CO: Anyways, on to replying to comments: Ae-: oxo Thanks for the comment! metal-inuyasha: ^^" destinyssweetman: Well, the angry words were directed to well, everyone o o" lol, well, I am a child ^^" Well, I'm sorry about the An Cafe joke...I as going to post the An Cafe pics. anyway since I haven't done so for a long time. So I'm sorry about that....and I hope things get better for you buddy *hugs* OrganizationX: Yay Hizumi!! Bou is an ex-member v_v He got out of the band...like 2-3 months ago. bec2503: X3 YAY BOU Dei: Whee....so that's it, un? CO: Erm-hai. Sayonara. Dei: Sayonara. Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket CO: AND HERE WE HAVE SUIGETSU FROM TEAM HEBI *heart* Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
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Friday, June 22, 2007

Mood: Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Dei: Okay, so, just to get this over with Ivette got Harry Potter tickets for IMAX yesterday, so she'll be seeing that movie wich'll be cool, un. CO: ._. DEIDARA!! MORE EXCITEDLY PLOX!! Ugh, so YES!! I'LL BE SEEING IT IN 3-D ON WEDNESDAY X3 YAAAAATTAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!HJFHEOOFIEOEGIOERI And...*ahem* STEPHI-SENPAI IF YOU'RE READING THIS PWEASE GIVE GAAWA-KUN BACK!!! Dei: Oh? Am I not good enough, un? CO: You are!! You're amazing! It's just that I want meh Gaawa-kun back ;x; Dei: ....Okay okay, un. CO: Anywho...Now, onto answering some comments: SessLover18: Yay randomness X3 destinyssweetman: :<< Deidara doesn't look like a girl....and your lack of not visiting is okay ^^" KJ-11: :3 You deserve some rest. lol, panda napped X3 lee radcliffe: lol, yes. You've fallen so far behind on the news for Ivette that you have no clue what's going on XP Hiei1350: DEIDEI *squee* x3 But don't give up yet, ask if there are any tickets left! playitbakinslomo: T^T POOR GAAWA-KUN!!! And any clay donations would be appreciated ^^ SO GIVE ME THE CLAY *cough* Please? lol, Deidara doesn't eat the clay xD OrganizationX: I hope that my senpai gives back my Gaawa-kun soon too :<< Grant: :<<<< In case you haven't noticed Gaawa-kun's gourd is sand. So he can always make it back into a gourd XP NYA ._. Dei-dude? XD ROFL And Deidawa-kun likes to blow things up! It's like his thing! un!! furubaFANN: D: Deidara is no woman. Shonigoneyes93: ^^" Yeah, it gets to be some sort of habit when you don't visit. LOL X3 I GOTS ME AN AWARD FOR BEING RANDOM *spazzes* Well....THE WOLF ONE IS JUST COOL!!! SO HA!! Dei: Q&A NOW UN CO: Sure BUT FIRST!! DEIDARA IS NOT A WOMAN PEOPLE Dei: UN - -* CO: SO HERE IS SOMETHING THAT LETS YOU KNOW HOW I FEEL ABOUT THAT: Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Dei: *claps* Bravo, un. CO: Now the Q&A! Dei: Un! Q: Why do you always say 'un' at the end of your sentance? A: BECAUSE I CAN UN! CO: And un, basically mean yeah. So...un. Q: What was the purpose of blowing the door? A: ._. Because I felt like it, un. Q: Ever tried the doorknob? A: Yes, un. Q: Hmm...wat is your favorite kind of ice cream? A: I almost never get to eat ice cream since I'm always on a mission or something, un. Q: DO you like speghetti? A: I guess, un. Q: Wat are you thots on String? A: O o Q: How well do you know the little mermaid? A: The little what, un? Q: Do you think turkeys can fly? A: No, un ._. Q: (if you were eating ramen)DO you ever wonder if some how your noodles could do circus tricks and make you rich? A: No, un o O Q: Do find anypoint in my random questions? A: Not really, un. Q: what really happened to gaara? A (by me): My friend took him away since she was mad I dislike Sasuke the stripper samurai -3- Q: are you that close to Ivette? A: Yes, o o" And thank you for saying I have nice eyes, un! Q: Do..you...like..Coffee?!XD A: No! Since Itachi is always drinking some, un! Q: Do you like to walk around in socks or bare feet when you are at home/the lair? A: FEET UN! Q: Do you luff penguins? A: No, un Q: Do you..have awesome....XDDD...uh..pants? A: ._. I guess, un. Q: What was it like, being a member of Akatsuki? A: What do you mean what was it like!? I still am! un! But, it's okay being a member of the Akatsuki, un. Q: whats your favorite color? A: Don't have one, un. Q: favorite food? A: I don't have a preference, un *shrugs* Q: favorite movie? A: ....I don't watch much movies, un. Dei: Ha ha ha! Your friend Grant is a amusing one, dodging that Bazooka blow was kind of fun, but don't call me Dei-dude, un - - CO: ._." Play nice now. Anyways, sayonara. Dei: Sayonara, un. Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket CO: OH! And this is for you Alex, these BEAUTIFUL guys from An Cafe :3 And Bou (the blonde guy) that's an ex member v_v Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Mood: Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket CO: UGH STEPHI-SENPAI GET BACK HERE WITH m3h GAAWA-KUN!!! ;x; DON'T LEAVE ME ALL ALONE!!!! *sobs* AND YES I DISLIKE SASUKE t3h STRIPPER SAMURAI :< *cough* *cough* Sorry. Now...GAAWA-KUN!! I NEED HIM!!!! *sigh* Fine...I guess I'm just going to have to get Deidara to come in now. *gets on the phone* ....Er-hello...this is Ivette.....can I talk to Deidara please?...Why?Just tell him it's Ivette and he'll take the call...yes I'll hold.......AH HI DEDAWA-KUN!!! Look a "friend" -3- of mine took Gaawa-kun away so if you could fill in for him until she gives him back that would be great!.....What!? Do I have to!?!......Okay okay okay!! Just come here soon!!!.....fine fine. I'll wait! Thanks, bye!!! *hangs up* Okay guys, Deidawa-kun will be here soon! Well, whyle I'm waiting for him to come I'll reply to some comments: Hiei1350: X3 DEIDAWA WILL BE HERE SOON!!! lolz, ANI-MONDAYS!! xDD lol, yeah, the other anime is pretty cool. playitbakinslomo: ^^" Yes, I am making a fic. But it's not on the net yet ^^"" WOOO FOR THE SCI-FI CHANNEL!?! XD" PinkChii009: Erm-yesh....poor Edo o o" Samara: Ooooo, really? :3 My friend Johanna takes Tae Kwon Do. SessLover18: lol XD" Mmm, Sesshomaru? ^^" Maybe some other time? :3"" spellcaster94: Thanks for the automatic back rubber x3 And yes, reality sucks =< XxAerithXx: :<<< I'll MISH JOO!!! Well....take care my friend... Siaras Kaiba: DeiDei!! lol, yeah. No pain no gain =D"" sevy: SENPAI!! HOFHIFOHEIHFEIJOT YOU'RE BACK!!! OH YEAH!!!! *glomps* :[[[[ I'm so sory Senpai!! But I don't like Sasuke D: TTTT TTT GAAWA-KUN!!! COME BACK!!! *sniff* *sniff* Anyways...I guess Deidawa-kun couldn't mak- *door explodes* ._.||||||||||||| Dei: You needed me, un? CO: DEIDEI!!! :3 YOU MADE IT!! YAY!!! Dei: I guess....but wasn't I supposed to be here like a week or two later from now, un? CO: Yes...but SOMEBODY took Gaawa-kun ;;x;; Dei: And you were lonely? CO: Hai.....anyways, thanks for coming. Dei: No problem, now....GO GET ME SOME CLAY WOMAN!!! CO: .....what!?! It's 11:00 PM!?! Are you crazy? I'll do it in the morning - -" Dei: Fine...so...what now? CO: Erm-I was going to put up a small bit of a story I was reading off of a book....but I don't think people will read it....so I guess that's it.... Dei: ....This is boring, un! CO: D: Sorry...but I don't want to talk about my day since I basically did the same thing...BUT I AM GOING TO GO BUY TICKETS FOR THE HARRY POTTER MOVIE TODAY!!! IF THERE ARE ANY LEFT!!!! I want to see it in Imax 3-D :3 Dei: Those are going to be hard to get, un. CO: Yes, I just hope there are some left D= Dei: Well, good luck with that, un. CO: Yes, well, since you people don't know much about Deidara I guess you can ask some questions about him o o" Dei: I guess, I'll try my best to answer them, un. CO: Right, SAYONARA!!! Dei: ._. Sayonara, un. Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Mood: Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket CO: *exhausted* I had karate yesterday x.x AND MY BACK IS IN PAIN!!! OUCH!!! Gaawa-kun I need a backrub!! gaa: ...are you expecting me to do it? CO: I would do it for you X] gaa: ._. No. CO: Dx Fine. Anyways, about the voting...I'VE DECIDED TO TAKE A CHANCE!!! AND I CHOOSE....I CHOOSE...DEIDAWA-KUN!! *gets hit on the face by a chair thrown by an Ed, or Kenshin fan* @ @ gaa: Oh no...*throws water on my face* CO: Eh? *ahem* yes well... commenter: I DON'T EVEN KNOW WHO HE IS :[ CO: D= You'll grow to love him.... commenters: YEAH RIGHT CO: TT TT PLEASE DON'T LEAVE ME!!! gaa: Anyways...on to responding comments? CO: *sniff* *sniff* Okay... t-frogs: Good luck with breaking the news to her. playitbakinslomo: D= I guess I'll make a fic...I already am making a fic.!! And Deidawa-kun will appear sooner or later =3" I'll try to watch it once I catch up to Naruto: Shippuuden :3" Hiei1350: DEIDARA WON!!! AND HAI. SASUKE IS A BIG FAT GAY FAG!! Deidawa-kun SHOULD live! DeiDei FTW X3 PinkChii009: Read Naruto! Watch it! Live it! EAT IT!! DRINK IT!!! BREATHE IT!!! *cough* *cough* *ahem* bec2503: He better not die is right! lol, yes....the pictures are pretty... somegirl: I downloaded the chapters from narutofan.com :3" So you read the spoiler? Erm-I'm posting now :3" Kashin: D: Yes, I hope so too. I'll check out that anime someday ^^" Deidawa-kun won :3" Oooooo, did anyone know that they pass anime on the Sci-Fi channel? ._. gaa: *into it* I guess they're okay...Tokko is kind of perverted... CO: ._." Yes. But still pretty cool. ANI-MONDAYS!!! gaa: - -" CO: *ahem* Yes well....sayonara! gaa: Sayonara. Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
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Sunday, June 17, 2007

Mood: Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Currently listening to: Sakura by: NIRGILIS CO: *sigh* I hope you're all feeling okay today.... Gaa: ....Are you still moping about what happened in Chapter 358 of Naruto? CO: Hai...GAAWA-KUN HE CAN'T DIE!!! HE JUST CAN'T ESPECIALLY BY THE HANDS OF THAT FAGGOT TREE!!! D: Gaa: ._. Wow...I feel a rant coming on... CO: *ahem* *goes on ranting mode* Okay...SPOILER ALERT!!!! NARUTO SPOILER ALERT....I CAN'T STRESS THIS ENOUGH...SPOILER ALERT. I CAN'T STRESS THIS ENOUGH. IF YOU DON'T WANT ME TO SPOIL IT FOR YOU THEN DON'T READ THIS PART!!! THERE WILL BE A NON SPOILER PART!! REMEMBER, THIS IS FOR CHAPTER 358 OF NARUTO SO UNLESS YOU'VE READ THAT FAR UP ON THE MANGA THEN I SUGGEST YOU DON'T READ THIS. Now...on to the rant. And no, that wasn't the rant. *ahem* AGAIN SPOILER!! AND HEAVY LANGUAGE!!! Gaa: *puts on my headphones and listens to my iPod* Oooo, you've got Marilyn Manson on here. CO: SASUKE YOU LITTLE PIECE OF CRAP!!! GEEZ....YOU BETTER NOT HAVE KILLED DEIDARA!!! I KNEW THAT THE AKATSUKI'S DESTINY IS TO DIE BUT YOU!!!?!?!? KILLING ONE OF MY FAVORITE CHARACTERS EVER!!!?!?!?!? IN JUST TWO PATHETIC FUCKING MEASLY CHAPTERS!!?!?!?! JIGJIGJIRJGIRGPIGHJJIRPIJIJP *SPAZZES* I MEAN LIKE WTF!!?!? KISHIMOTO-SAMA WHAT ARE YOU THINKING? DON'T GODMODE THAT SUKE-CHAN!! GOD!!! AT LEAST MAKE SOMEONE ELSE KILL DEIDAWA-KUN!!! IT'S BAD ENOUGH THAT HE'S POSSIBLY GOING TO KILL ITACHI!!! BUT NOW DEIDAWA-KUN!?!! HELL NO!!! KISHI-SAMA!!! PLEASE LET HIM STAY ALIVE FOR A FEW MORE CHAPTERS AND DIE BY SOMEBODY ELSE'S HANDS!! HOPEFULLY SOMEONE COOLER Dx DAMN....DEIDAWA-KUN PLEASE STAY ALIVE!!! YOU MUST FOR THE FANS THAT LOVE YOU!!! PLEASE!!! PLEASE!!! *sobs* DEIDAWA-KUN!! PLEASE BE ALIVE!!! AND SHOW SUKE-CHAN A LESSON!!! RAWRZ. *dodges a gun shot a Sasuke fan fired* Gaa: *still listening to my iPod* CO: *takes the headphones off* I'm done with the rambling. Gaa: Oh...thank goodness. CO: v_v Hai. And thank you to everyone who offered me help. But at the moment I've gotten the doubts I had all cleared up. So there's no problem anymore *smiles* Now onto answering comments: emeraldsky: But your website looks so pretty now ^-^ Mmm, I will add Kakashi to the list :) Alex: Thanks ^^ Mmm, I will take both of your suggestions!! Yoruichi and Kenshin have been added! Venus Kitty: Thank you for your help ^^ And Kakashi has already been added! PinkChii009: Thank you for offering me your help! I won't hesitate to ask you when I have some questions!! Heh heh, thanks for thinking karate is cool ^^ YOU WALK FOR 5 HOURS DAILY!?! @ @ Wow! Talim-of-the-Wind: I will add Ed to my list ^-^ Siaras Kaiba: I will add Hinata :3 Heh, thanks for offering your help ^^ I'll contact you if I ever have problems again! KJ-11: That's actually a good idea!! gaa: I'm sorry but I can't do that due to all of the meetings, people, and paper work.... CO: D= Oh well....I'm sorry, but I can't use that idea...congrats. on your computer getting fixed! Kashin: I'm a newb when it comes to layouts so don't ask me...I'm afraid I might give you some bad code or something...Kenshin has been added already!! And I don't know the guy you're talking about since I don't read Last Exile oxo Sorry. Hatsu Zatsu: Mmm, any particular reason why you stopped? Becky: I will add Kankurou! playitbakinslomo: Anime marathons are actually a good idea!! Thanks! It's okay about the HTML ^^" And Kakashi's already been added. I don't know the girl that you're talking about though oxo gaa: Okay...the candidates are: Kakashi (Naruto) Yoruichi (Bleach) Kenshin (Ruroni Kenshin) Ed (Full Metal Alchemist) Hinata (Naruto) Kankuro (Naruto) *added* Deidara (Naruto) CO: Eeep! We still need one more person! But I guess I'll add Deidara on there.... So...no more suggestions!! It's now....VOTING TIME!! SO ER-CHOOSE YOUR FAVORITE CHARACTER. gaa: *throws confetti* Yay. Do it people. CO: Oh, and HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!!! I hope you all have a good day. And I'm probably going to see the Fantastic 4 Rise of the Silver Surfer today. By the way, money has been a problem...but I'm not worrying about it too much. gaa: Sayonara. CO: Sayonara. Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Now for some pictures of the runner-ups for Gaawa-kun's replacement for a month! Kakashi (Naruto): Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Yoruichi (Bleach): Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Kenshin (Ruroni Kenshin): Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Edward Elric (Full Metal Alchemist): Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Hinata (Naruto): Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Kankuro(Naruto) Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Deidara *heart* (Naruto): Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Kakashi fanart by: Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Ed fanart by: Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Hinata fanart by: Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
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