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Sunday, October 30, 2005

no one knows
Current mood: scared

Life. Cold. Sad. Painful. Stressful. I miss my old best friend, Nichole soo much. There are some days where I can't funtion properly. It's like I gave her my soul. I'm a girl of my word if I say I'm going to or not going to do something then that's the way it's gonna be. Before momma died I promised I'd take care of her. I can still hear her voice like she was talking to me now.."Myriam I want to spend as much time as possible with her this Christmas. I don't think I'm gonna be here next year. I'm gonna need you to take care of her for me. She's gonna need help. She's gonna need you." She was right. She died on Easter Sunday. She wasn't here that next Christmas. I never got a chance to keep my promise and that's something that will haunt me for the rest of my life.

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Sunday, October 16, 2005

Ok, Ellen's date. When they say everyone and they cousin came..yeah...except LITERALLY EVERYONE AND THEY COUSIN CAME!!! Wow I'm not even gonna touch so much on how Brandon pissed me off :twitch: this mug told me I was shitty...anyway. My sister decided she wasn't gonna go since Brandon invited Jennifer so I was like ok. Well I invited Chris but I found out the day of the date that Jennifer might bring her cousin too 'cause her parents wanted more ppl there :rolls eyes: ok but when I talked to Brandon he said "you know what that's just a 1% chance she really doesn't think she'll be able to come" ok fine but I told him to call me if he found out she was comin'. Alright so she not comin'. I can let that rest 'cause see the whole thing is nobody know about Chris coming. and Anna's gonna be over my house a lot in the future because she's gonna be taking German from my mom and I didn't want her to let anything slip out about the dinner. We never really got a long anyway so I don't know what to expect. Alright so I call Ellen and you know tell her I'm gonna pick Chris up on my way over there I already left..so I pull up in Chris's drive way and there're two dudes there and I'm like oh that's right Jordan's visiting he probably sat with 'em outside while he was waiting 'cause I told him to be outside 'cause I was late well I pull up and they both started walking to the car...AND THEY BOTH GOT IN!!!!!!!!!!! Now it ain't Jordan's fault so I'm all like "oh yeah thanks for telling me Chris!" and he swore to high heaven he did :glares: sooooo I go to Ellen's house and by this time I've got the histarics...I couldn't talk I could only make noises I was close to hyperventalating (however you spell it) and I was crying. Not a lot tho 'cause I didn't wanna upset Ellen so I hurried up and whiped those away and I was good but that lasted for a good 5 minutes and Ellen's mom had to calm me down. Pluse before I left when I was trying to get out the shower I fell out, hit the toilet, rickeched and hit the wall divider, bounced off that and slamed into thedoornob...SO MYRIAM WAS NOT QUITE NORMAL! So we get there and there's a long ass line and a full ass parking lot, luckily I got one real close to the door, then I find out that Jennifer's not driving her mom's dropping her off :blank stare: ok so I'm all like her mom can't see Chris and Jordan y'all go act like y'all don't know us..so they walk into the lobby of the next door neighbor motel and get something to eat out of the machine...:blink: and we get our reserve thingy in and we wait 35 minutes and in that time Jenifer shows up and I was trying to call Chris and Jordan when I hear a name so I turn around and I'm like "what?!" and there's Brandon "oh yeah it must've slipped my mind! Anna's coming! Jennifer and I are really excited!" THAT'S BULLSHIT! IT'S AMAZING HOW THIS BOY IS SO INCREADIBLY FAKE WHEN JENN'S AROUND! IT'S DISGUSTING! So I'm all histerical again and Ellen has to calm me down and at this point Ellen's fed up with brandon's crap too so she's al like you "bastard". Well there's not hing I could do about it so I was like you know what I'm just gonna enjoy this evenin' as much as I possibly can. Chris had his moments but he was really sweet :smile: he soooo almost got popped upside da head! He starts backin' his seat up and all I hear is Jordan sayin' "naw man don't don't man I'm serious don't!" what does this mofo do? he slips out of his chair to one knee and starts "will you m" and I just raised my hand and was like "CHRIS! NO!!!!!" and jumps back up in his seat and yells "PSYCH!" WTF!!! wow there were so many things that happend that evening and I'm not even touching on what all Brandon did...all I'm sayin' is payin' for a chick's food is not gonna get you on her good side, you need table manners, and you need to give her space which he was not doin'. :sigh: anyway..that was part of the long and most interesting evening. Then we all came back to my house, except Chris and Jordan I took them home, and played games. Ellen spent the night 'cause I dind't feel like taking her back home after that so she spent the night and Saturday after breakfast and a walk which was about 2 we got ready or at least I did she left in her pjs! and went to books-a-million and guess who I saw! CHRISY! and so yeah I was all dressed up in my church cloths 'cause that's where I was gonna go afterwards and he said I looked sexy :nods: I had to agree with 'em! so yeah now y'all know a short form of my evening..maybe SunNshadow will cover the things I missed...Luv you guys sorry I know this post sounds soooo 6th gradish!

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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

I don't understand why it does this to me!

ROFL THEY WANT ME?! ok let me explain..Eric likes Ellen and Sunday he asked her out on a date...ok his mom decides she's gonna be like Jennifer's parents and says he can't go without a chaperone...:blink: sooo who do they think of? ME! I'M LIKE A YEAR YOUNGER THAN BOTH OF 'EM AND I'M CHAPERONING! :sigh: well it's all gravy 'cause I so totally owe Ellen and besides that it'll be kewl..I only wish I hada date other than my sister...(Myriam is broke and still owes Jacob money for the jam tickets)grrrr oh well. We're going to a pretty nice joint. My sister's gonna be my date and we're basically gonna not be there. Ellen and Eric have their booth and we have ours. Ellen and I are gonna have some kind of signal so that I know when I need to come rescue her! if I do anyway. It might turn out great who knows!
We took a walk this morning and two little puppies nsuck up on us and followed us home..mommy wouldn't let me keep 'em :( oh well.
I went to go see Chris yesterday for a little bit...wow that was interesting. He can be a butt without realizing it. ugh. He busted his lip with his skate board!!! yes I found it very entertaining but I used a little make-up spongy thing I hadn't used yet and stopped the bleeding. My poor baby!
I feel so stupid..I so almost flunked this test I took the other night...took me 3 hours and that's 'cause I did it with no breaks. That was a long ass test. I barely passed and that's just not kewl. So no fall break for me. I get to study WOOPY! grr..ok well I'm gonna go find something to do.


MWAH luv u guys
Three kisses, Two hugs, One luv

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Tuesday, October 11, 2005


Well Ellen's daddy said "NO" to her comin' over but I kidnapped her that night so we could go bowling! Jennifer was suposed to come but her parents were being gay and said "y'all need to plan better it's too short notice." when we had been planning this for the passed week :sigh: whatever. My mom's gonna talk to her mom and see what the deal is and all that. Grrr...I need to call Chris..I haven't talked to 'em in a little minute. But anyway yeah we went bowling and then to Fridays..our waiter was HIZZOT! he had really nice eybrows! well I'm off to visit a lady I used to work for so luv ya :mwa: lates!


Quote of the day:
Whatever blows your dress up

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Sunday, October 9, 2005

Thanks and Appreciation

Hey you guys I just wanted to say thanks for all the suport you all gave me. I'll be honest I never expected to get that much feedback. My brother's doin' a lot better today but that's probably just the pain medication not really him. The doctors ran tests and stuff but they still don't know what's wrong with 'em so they just gave 'em some pills. :rolls eyes:
I have Adam and his family comin' over today...this should be interesting. Adam's 10 days older than I am and he used to give me crap about it until I started callin' 'em old man so now he's stopped. His family kinda...shelters their children, not as bad as other ppl that I know, so I basically teach 'em to keep 'em uptodate. This kid didn't even know ppl sold drugs. He was all like "NUH-AH! That's illegal ppl don't do that. They have no way of getting them". I looked at that mofo and almost cussed him out for that! That deserved a stupid slap! So Ellen and I are gonna work some more with 'em today. Yeah she's comin' over too hopefully. Well I should get to cleanin' up since everybody just left...I still have to take a shower and wash this mess, my hair. It's thicker than I remember it somehow! I think it got longer too, YAAY! Thanks again you guys. Much luv and appreciation.
P.S. I'm not watching anything else Senola watches from now on unless it's an old TCM!

Am I wrong for thinking this is so sad?

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Saturday, October 8, 2005

My brother
Wow what a pleseant way to wake up. Having a parent tell you "we're taking your brother to the emergency room". :sighs: I don't even know what's wrong with 'em.
Stayed up watching a documentary with Senola...I don't know whyyy I do that. She always watches this freaky stuff late at night. It was about this family who's son had cancer and they had to go to a certain place, a good minute away from where they lived,to get him treatment and stuff. Well they decided it'd be better to move and the only place that they found afforadable, since they were usin' all of their money for his cancer treatments, they moved into this old funeral parlor place..NOT A GOOD IDEA! I'm not the brightest crayon in the box but you know somethin's gonna be wrong but I guess when you have no choice and no money :shrugs: so the kids except for the little girl (so all the boys!) slept downstairs in the basement...I dind't catch the beginning but apparantly they all saw something and whenever they told their parents they wouldn't believe 'em they'd just say it was Paul, the oldest, trying to scare them by telling them stories of what he saw. Well time went on and the parents still wouldn't believ them STUPID! I believe it started out with ghosts and then their little sister had a douplganger(however you spell that evil word!) and then it was a demon who was making Paul do bad things and become violent. The demon was this thing in a suit..that's how they referred to 'em was the man in the suit and he told Paul if he didn't do what he told him to do he'd hurt 'em. Well finally after, I don't know if he was trying to rape or hurt her, their cousin came to visit and had a run in with Paul a few times but the one that set it off was when she was asleep and he started to peel back her covers..and yeah. But he got taken away in the ambulance and I got scared so I was like screw this but they ended up getting the house exercised...yeah. I shouldn't have told this while I was home alone..:is scared: WHERE'S MY EYORE!

M is for Mesmerizing
Y is for Yummy
R is for Romantic
I is for Influential
A is for Alert
M is for Moral

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Friday, October 7, 2005

I've been grounded like 4 times within the passed two weeks...that's not kewl. I don't know why I'm writting this I'm just gonna get mad all over again typing down everything...grr oh well...at least I'm posting...kinda. :needs a hug: guess I should get back to studying before I get in trouble.
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Tuesday, October 4, 2005

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Friday, September 30, 2005

:feels face with fingertips: AM I STILL ALIVE?!
Wow...talkin' about special. Well I'm back..obviously! I drove the first 7 hours to Chicago and Senola took over the rest. She got all the stressful driving . I will admit I hated it at first. It really did suck for me but I got used to it pretty quick. Well on the way up there we saw 5 pumas (THAT'S WHAT I WAS LIKE!) and we almost had a really really bad accident with a semi. There's no doubt about it we would've been dead if only one thing hada happened, trucker woulda gotten shocked and turned his wheel. See what had happened was, We drove up along side this big truck 'cause we wanted to pass him, duh, and Senola pointed out his wheel was..interesting. Don't really know how to explain it but all of a sudden it started smoking and at this point we were right next to the truck (not the trailor) and it popped off and came straight for us. Somehow, and I have no idea how it totally missed trafic and went straight to the median and the trucker made his way,scrapping the street, to the side of the road. It was really scary. Everyone always says when stuff like that happens they see their whole life flash infront of them it wasn't quite like that with me..it all happened too quick to even think but I know I thought I was gonna die. I think that's when I really realized how much I love life. I never really did before it was a chore for me. But I really do appreciate every single minute I've been given now. :sigh:

Well we went to the Field Museum of Science and History and I actually had fun! I got a cool ring too but anyway. I got to go on the sky deck in the Sears Tower and that was awsome! took a whole bunch of pics! I'll have to post some once I download them.

I had other things to say but I totally don't remember them now! Oh well. OH YEAH! there was some mofo hick of a cracka who almost got me killed when I was a couple miles from just being home! Ooooo you don't wanna mess with me when I've been driving for a long time it's dark and you're just being stupid. We were going over a hill and mind you it's dark! pluse there're only two lanes one going in each direction and what does this mofo do?! SHE FRICKIN' PASSES ME AND ALMOST RUNS HEAD ON WITH THE CAR COMING OVER THE HILL! PLUSE SHE HAD KIDS IN THE CAR!!! ok I'm only gonna get upset...wow I sound like Ellen! I WANNA GO DO SOMETHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :twitch: ok wel I'm gonna go...find something to do..oh yeah..great I have to unpack FUN!

;;;;;;;;;;;:_____________, :;;;;;;;;;`
`:;;;;;;;;;;;`;__________, :;;;;;;;;;;;`
_ `:;;;;;;;;;;;`, , _______, :;;;;;;;;;;;`
___`:;;;;;;;;;;;;_______, ;;;;;;;;;;;;:
___________`:;;;;., .;;;;;;
____(`*. (`*. .*) .* )

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Thursday, September 22, 2005

Rising Phoenix

alt="Image hosted by

YOu believe in 2nd chances like the phoenix rising
again from its ashes. Your soul and heart are
kind and warm. You have faith and
hope.Everytime you fail, you try again.

What is your Spirit Creature ?(Mythical creatures Pics!!)
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