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Saturday, January 24, 2009

it snowed O.o
9:00-something p.m.

hello my friends, how r u?? ^_^ (yesh jae ik ppl have posts to tell how they're doing but i wanna know how they are right now XD)

havent updated since 2008 o.o lolz not much has been going on....i started my second semester of 11th grade, seems like my classes r all ok for the most part....i dread english tho =_=

also it snowed last week...it was the first big snow we've had in a year, we got 5 inches (which might not be much to u folks in the north and west, but around here thats like....a ton @_@) Heres some pics:

omg its Narnia O_O

awww look at my poor baby in the snow...heheh he looks kinda pissed in the pic but he was actually enjoying it...this was his first snow X3

the side of my yard...

Ooo i went to chuck e. cheese today :3 that was fun heheh

hmmm i think thats all...nothing else to report for now^^'


1. Has it snowed yet where u live?? (i dont mean flurries, i mean measurable amounts lolz)

2. do u like mac 'n cheese?? o.o (RANDOM!! XD)

~Ja ne!

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