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Saturday, November 29, 2008

9:20-something p.m.

yup i'm not dead believe it or not, but i am ashamed to say i still havent changed this layout...i never even changed those other 2 navi icons to aerith ones *hangs head in shame* -_-" I was going to change this theme to a Twilight one, but i'm having trouble finding good pics, so i think i'm going to do a winter theme with various anime >.> but idk...

anyways....not much going on with me...school, boredom, hyperness, back to boredom, more school (even tho i'm on turkey day vacation now), etc, etc.

Oh, heres something i got off of zero guardian's world on theO, its pretty cool:

DO THIS!!!!! ITS FUNNY!!!!!!!

Spell your name


Spell it backwards


Spell it with your Elbow:

nikki (wow i did it! O_O)

Spell it with your eyes shut

Niokki (.... ">_>)

Spell it with your forehead

hyujn8iiiuui (the hell??)

Your nose:

nikki (yay! XD)

Spell it with your chin

n kikkiik9 (... ._.')

Your tongue:

...yeah i'm not doing this part. I share this keyboard with 3 other ppl, who knows where their fingers have been?? >_>

Its funny when someone walks in the room while your slamming your head on the keyboard. So send this too all your friends and to the person that sent it to you. We want to see how you do!

haha that was fun XP now u have to do it too heheh


1. How have u been since last time i updated??

2. How was ur thanksgiving?? (if u dont live in the u.s. i guess this question doesnt apply to u ._.')

3. peanut butter or jelly??

4. if up is down and down is east then what does that make pruple?? (....what?? i just confuzzled myself @_@)

...thats too many questions.... >_>' lolz

~Ja ne!

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