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Friday, October 10, 2008

   i'm alive @_@
1:10-something a.m.

Yup i havent died, in fact i've been on theO/myO every day....I'm sorry about not commenting *bows* With that said, i dont expect any comments on this post, just letting u know i'm still alive over here lolz^^" Also, as u can see my site is in the process of being redone with a The Nightmare Before Christmas theme for October ^_^ still in the process of being reworked *points at my navigation* that has to be fixed lolz

Hmm...not much been going on...so i think this post is over. I'll try to be more diligent about commenting from now on, its just that when i'm online I end up being distracted by the chatboxes @_@ (and no not theO's, i mean the ones like mine *points up*)Plus schools been exhausting lately... =__=' Oh wellz, have a good weekend ^_^

~Ja ne!

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