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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Yay! I made it back from Philly in one piece! Without getting blown up or sniped or breaking my ankle trying to walk around DC!!! YAY!!! Yeah, we went to Washington DC, too... I would have posted sooner but I've been catching up on my sleep, I didnt sleep much while I was there ^_^" And I've just been plain lazy in the past few days...I need to start drawing again -_-'
But anywho, I had an AMAZING time!!I'm not going to tell about the whole trip cause that would take too long, but I'll give u some of the hilights:
- I went to the greatest art museum I've ever been to!! They had paintings by Monet, Piccaso, DALI!! YAY! They had all kinds of wonderful arcitectual things too, they had a whole room dedicated to the Japanese arts (the classic kind, not anime tho -_-'), they had a full size shrine, it was amazing!
- I went to a farmers market. I know that might sound kinda lame, but it was really cool, the food they had was awesome, and it was all homemade! I got the best ice cream I've ever had while I was there ^_^
- I went to the biggest mall I've ever been to! It was huge!! They had a whole skate park in there!!! We got lost...lolz. The F.Y.E. in that mall was graet, they had all kinds of anime things there that I cant get here!! I got 3 shirts, an Ichigo plushy for my sis, and some almond-chocolate pocky! Yummmm...
- We went to DC on Sunday, saw the capital building, various national monuments, etc. That was pretty cool. ^__^
- I did some educational stuff too, but...heh, I wasnt paying attention to that XD

All in all it was a graet trip, me and my friends had a blast ^____^ Sorry for such a long post...when my pictures get developed I'll post some of them^^

p.s. Thanx to everyone who actually comments anymore, and to the ppl who at least say hi in my chatbox *hugs u all* It means a lot to me that some of u actually care.... ^____^

~Ja ne!

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