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Sunday, April 27, 2008

10:20-something p.m...

Yay, I'm going to Philidelphia, Pennsylvania this weekend!!! I'm going with my civics class, and we'll be there Friday, Saturday, and Sunday (I'm gonna have to get up at like...4:30 or five on Friday morning cause we have to be on the road by 6 T_T I might as well not even go to bed...) I've never been that far away from home before, and I've never been on a trip without my familly before, so this should be fun *evil grin* XDDDD We're gonna go to Edgar Allen Poe's house!! (he a poet for those of u that dont know...) Thats gonna b awesome!! Hahaha Aaron's gonna be so jealous >:3And we're going to the prison where Al Capone died...they say its haunted, but I dont believe in ghosts...
I'll be staying in a room with my friend Elizabeth, but I'll also have to share it with two other ppl who I dont really have a personal issue with, but I dont particularly like...and theres only 2 beds in the room O___O I hope we dont kill each other...

Happy late b-day dad!!! (it was yesterday :3)

I changed my theme to L!! X3 I was planning to keep my Twilight theme for a while longer, but I got re-obssesed with Death Note (and L XD)

I was stuffed in a Yukon with 10 other ppl earlier >__> I was so stuffed with pizza I thought I was gonna burst...(we went to Pizza Inn)

I feel random now!!! XDDDD

These are highlarious XD

Light luvs to rant...

L's response to Lights rant XD

Theres a response from Matt too, GO WATCH IT! XDDDD In fact go watch all the vids, they're all hillarious XD


2. Ever been to Pennsylvania?

~Ja ne!

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